360 Total Security Free Antivirus

February 2, 2021 - Qihoo 360 technologies Co. Ltd. (Free)
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360 Total Security is a free antivirus product of Chinese Company Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. This company is a major shareholder in China, developing 360 series products for personal use. The Cost-Free strategy has made Qihoo a successful company in China, and thus they started expanding their company a while ago. The company is giving tough competition to other free antiviruses like Avast Antivirus.

It is another product of Qihoo 360, where the same company had a product with the same purpose of internet security. This Free Antivirus is highly used in China for security, performance, and Virus Scan.

This software provides security against internet threats, malware, trojans, viruses, and many spyware. Along with that, it boosts CPU performance by deleting junk files and shutting down background apps. Having said that deleting junk files and shutting down background operations can also solve your device heating problems.


System Requirements

OS Compatible with all Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS versions.
Memory 512 MB RAM
CPU 1.6 GHz
Free Disk Space  1 GB

Technical Specification

Software Name 360 Total Security Software For Windows V
File Size 1.5 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Qihu 360 Software Co

360 Total Security Software Features 

  • Full Check: In Full Check, the program starts checking each and every file on your computer which takes like 35 minutes, after analyzing the files and programs, 360 Total Security then asks you to take action and it deletes the junk files that were stored without your knowledge.
  • Virus Scan: In Virus Scan, the software finds malicious programs and exterminate them.
  • Speed Up: The software manages and optimizes system services to boot up other operations.
  • Cleanup: It frees up disk space by removing junk files.

The 360 Total Security Toolbox

  • Scheduled Cleanup: This tool schedules your cleanups every day for better performance.
  • Firewall: This tool monitor application to boost up the internet speed.
  • Driver Updater: This tool updates your drivers from time to time, so you can operate your PC efficiently.
  • Disk Analyzer: This tool analyzes your files in the system and observes which file on the disk is taking the time. After the check, the tool places the files according to their sizes for deleting useless ones.
  • Privacy Cleaner: Whatever you do on the internet leaves traces on your device, which can be tracked by hackers, this tool removes those traces.
  • Data Shredder: When you delete files on your computer, those files remain in the main disk. These files can be recovered later by anyone, but this tool deletes those files permanently and which cant be recovered in the future.
  • 360 Document Protector: This tool protect your files from outer threats. It offers real-time monitoring and automatic backup which ensures the safety of your documents.
  • Browser Protection: It prevents unauthorized changes to your browser, homepage, and search engine.
  • Registry Cleaner: It cleans your system registry clean, in order to keep the system smooth.
  • Sandbox: Under this tool, the untrusted programs are run in a separate environment so the software can’t make any changes to the PC system.
  • Patch Up: This tool scans and patches the vulnerabilities carries out auto-update and makes the system work smoother.
  • System Backup Cleaner: This tool frees up space by removing system update files and unused driver files.
  • 360 Game Booster: It boosts up your device performance before you launch the game.
  • Privacy Anti-tracker: It prevents your website behavior in order to block advertisement tracking and data leak.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Clean Interface Launching antivirus slow down the RAM
Satisfactory Functions
Provides Online and Offline Security


Being free software, this software offers too many features in just one pack install. The software is first of all an antivirus in itself, apart from that it also keeps check of your privacy, computer performance, memory cleaning, and much more.