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October 25, 2019 - Apowersoft Ltd. (Free)
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Apowersoft Filehippo is a powerful software and widely popular as a Free Screen Recorder among windows pc users to record the screen manually. This is a high-performing and an awesome program that may utilize to record on the screen, mage editing, file uploading and other useful functions for you to explore.

If you want to make any kind of design, tutorial, review, website tests or other digital things, there’s always a need in creating screenshot and video to express your ideas on youtube or other streaming sites in intuitive ways. In such a case, the Apowersoft Free Screen Capture is your best choice to handle these design-related tasks without the hassle of learning complicated skills or buying programs. This tool has a perfectly integrated screen capture, editing, sharing and others while all of them are free of charge and registration.

Apowersoft (APOWERSOFT LIMITED) is a company located in Hong Kong and dealing with providing digital media solutions globally.


Apowersoft Filehippo Features

This application works on Windows, it may record all of the activities. That is continuing on the screen or merely a specific application window. The main key features are explained here as under:

Clean Interface:

features a clear starter interface, letting you make a simple click to begin with the screen capture. It also enables you to use shortcuts to activate it when working on full-screen applications like games. The program could handle the entire screen, a spot on the screen or any active window. And once a snapshot is done, the program then prompts rich editing options located on the sidebars. Such options let you perform annotation on your image efficiently and turn it into a more comprehensive one.

They’re also a handful of special effects like highlight, blur and more. Further, upon the confirmation of your well-edited image, this tool would let you either save it to a local directory or upload it to free space hosted by the developer. Any users can choose to upload their stuff to the cloud storage with no requirements on registration and payment, which is another value-added feature. They’re also extra features like delay in the capture, social sharing., etc.

Smart Wizard

The functions as described above are not extremely special, but the fact is that they are all bundled in such a compact and free package. Also, the streamlined interface which comes with the smart wizard can let you take control of the whole process within a short while, letting you make even better screenshots. After all, the app is a must-have for people to create impressive screenshots.

This screen capture software does not require Java Applet, but you need to install a launcher if it’s the first time you use it. You can then take screenshots without limits afterward.

Record Screen With A Button

Apowersoft screen recorder is web-based, meaning you don’t have to download screencast software to your computer to do the recording. Instead, you just open this free online screen recorder on your web.

Ultra Simple Recording

With just one click, you can quickly create whatever type of video you want: tutorials, lectures, or funny videos. Apowersoft video recorder‘s flexible design enables you to capture screen online with ease.

Screenshot with Single Click

This free screenshot capture tool is a web-based application that works on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to capture anything visible on your screen in high quality.

Annotate Screenshot Instantly

For your annotation convenience, this online screen capture application comes with a quick image editor for you to polish or annotate the screenshot upon its creation. You can add lines, arrows, texts, and shapes to the image to highlight certain parts. There is also a blur tool for you to cover sensitive or private information.

Insert Webcam While Recording

This webcam recorder makes your life easier by allowing you to record multiple webcam videos side-by-side using popular chat services, like Skype, GoToMeeting, and many others. In addition, you can resize the camera picture to meet your exact requirements.

Upload to Free Cloud Storage

Another advantage of this screenshot application is that it offers free cloud space to all users for storing any screenshots and images. Once you’ve finished editing the screenshot, you can directly upload it to Screenshot.net, which enables you to save your hard drive storage. When the screenshot is uploaded successfully, you will get links to it so that you can embed the screenshot in forums and blogs. All images hosted on the apowersoft filehippo cloud server are 100% safe.

Store Videos to Local Drive

When finish recording, you will be navigated to output options for saving video into local files. Upon selecting the desired format for your specific needs, you will get the high-quality video file safely in your hard drive.

Share Screenshots Conveniently

In addition to saving the screenshot to local disk and uploading to free cloud space, this online free screen capture software also enables you to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, email it or share it to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Therefore, your followers will see your screenshot immediately.

Multiple Output Formats

By making a few clicks, you can export your recorded videos to a wide range of formats. With the desired formats, you’re able to easily deliver the file via the internet, watch it on portable devices, save to your hard drive and more.

Conclusion: Apowersoft filehippo is intuitive software for any task related to online screen recording and formating. It’s worth to have this application on your Windows Pc!

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