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April 25, 2020 - Audials AG (Free)
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Audials Radio makes it easy to find an online radio channel enabling you to listen to music from all around the world and organize your it from a modern-looking app, it’s a piece of cake to find the stations that play your favorite music most often from among 100.000 of the best internet radio stations. Record targeted MP3 tracks via the Wishlist.

Automatic ID3 tagging, album artwork, lyrics. Audio editor. Music management with the Music Universe. Clouds. Podcasts. MusicTV. Audials Radio delivers the best and most radio stations thanks to the massive radio database, and sorts stations by genre, language, country, region, and even artist. The preview function gives you live information on the music currently being played before you tune in, and recommendations to similar radio stations as well.


Audials Radio Features

Search through a variety of radio stations

Thanks to the advanced search options you can look for radio stations, filtering results using various criteria, such as the country of origin, language, genre, top artists and latest hits.

Based on your location, Audials Radio for Windows 10/8.1 provides a list of nearby radio stations in your country.  Moreover, it remembers favorite and recent radio stations and offers similar suggestions. The application is smart enough to recommend radio stations that frequently play a certain artist, so you can easily add them to your favorites.

Each radio station is displayed in a separate tile, alongside its logo, the name of the show that is currently on and the played song. As such, you can easily switch to another station if the playlist does not match your preferences.

Radio and podcast streaming or recording

The radio player features basic controls that enable you to pause and stop playback, adjust the volume, and even send the station to the Windows Start Screen, the ‘Favorites’ section, or the home screen of Audials Radio, for easier access. Depending on the played song, Audials Radio for Windows 10/8.1 can retrieve the cover art, displaying images while you listen.

Its feature set is not limited to radio streaming: it also comes with an integrated radio recorder, enabling you to create complete playlists gathering the songs you like from various radio stations. Furthermore, it comes with a generous audio and video podcast library that will only double the fun.

A complete radio and podcast streamer for Windows 10/8.1

Audials Radio for Windows 10/8.1 brings a wide variety of radio stations and podcasts one-click away, delivering a complete entertainment platform for those who enjoy listening to music, regardless of genre and the country of origin.

With advanced searching and organizing functions, it enables you to find radio stations that match your musical preferences while working in a Windows 10/8.1 modern GUI that enhances your experience.

Other Key Features

Targeted Song Recording
The radio recorder accurately extracts songs from the radio stream – without contributions from the presenters or commercials. You can also target certain songs or automatically save them using the recording timer.

Adds Covers & Lyrics
Each time you record, Audials automatically adds the title, album art, and lyrics. Manually changing these tags is possible at any time.

The World of Podcasts
Discover more than 350,000 podcasts from around the world. New episodes are automatically displayed. Watch, listen, download or subscribe easily!

App For Non-Stop Radio
If you want to listen to radio stations on the go, on your smartphone or in the car, the Audials Radio Free App is the ideal companion.

Save in Top Quality
Enjoy millions of tracks that have been precisely trimmed with no loss of quality (equal to the original) in top quality. Only on Audials.

Fresh FM, Kiss FM, VirtualDJ & CO.
Find and save songs from online radio stations such as LITE FM, The Beat LA, BBC, Beatles Radio, Black Gospel Network, Radio Caraibes, KIIS etc.

Find Your Music
Finding and recording any track you want from any online radio and in a multitude of versions is now easier than ever.

Lightning Speed Downloads
offers hundreds of tracks or entire artist discographies, Audials Radio carries out high-speed, parallel recordings.

A Huge Collection
Unlimited selection and always matching music thanks to current artists, tracks, weekly charts. Immerse yourself in endless spaces with the Music Styles or Music Zoom!

Music Manager
File manager and tag editor to organize media on your PC, in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Manage Duplicate Versions
Discover, edit or delete duplicates in your music collection.

A Huge Collection
Unlimited selection and always matching music thanks to current artists, tracks, weekly charts. Immerse yourself in endless spaces with the Music Styles or Music Zoom!

Developers Credit: Audials AG