Baidu Browser 43.23.1007.94

September 29, 2019 - Baidu (Free)
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Baidu Browser Filehippo (formerly Spark Browser) is a blazing fast internet browser based on Chromium, the same engine that drives Google Chrome. Baidu Browser is a web browser first released as a beta in July 2011

It’s freemium with an intuitive interface and tons of useful tools built-in. Baidu Browser features its own built-in torrent client, Attractive design, changeable skins, lightweight and customizable, a media download tool for saving fun videos and audio to your computer, mouse gesture navigation, a video pop-up player and good integration with Facebook make Baidu a browser worth trying. It’s fast, fun, and best of all, free.

baidu browser filehippo

Baidu Browser Filehippo Features

In Baidu browser, you will see an attractive interface that’s completely customizable. So that you can change its color to meet your choices. You also need to see it arouses direct accesses to your most useful services. Such as Facebook and other websites that you visit regularly.

Pop-up video player
With Baidu Top Internet Browser, you’ll never have to go searching through tabs to find what you were watching. Simply click Baidu Browser’s “Pop-up” button to open any Web video in its own window.

Personalized Interface
The current version of the browser presents customizable tiles of popular and recently browsed sites on the home page. That gives the users a single click to favorite sites. Moreover, the user can select from different skins to personalize the appearance and feel of the browser exactly the way you desire.

The interfaces is nearly equal to that of Chrome, however using a younger design. If electrical blue (the default color) is not to your preference, do not worry. Baidu Browser Filehippo contains a lot of different skins, which you may pick through the button near the tab bar.

Media Downloader
The Browser’s built-in Media Downloader lets you easily download video and audio directly to your computer, so you can put it on your phone or tablet and enjoy it again and again.

Browser doctor
The Internet isn’t perfect, and the program is here to help. Built-in Browser Doctor can quickly diagnose and fix common browsing problems, so you never have to waste time looking up solutions.

Open Recently Closed Tabs
Everyone knows the frustration of accidentally closing a tab. The tool makes your life that much easier with its Recently Closed Tabs button. Simply click the button to restore any tabs that you closed by mistake.

Full-Page Screenshots
A picture is worth 1,000 words. Effortlessly share your browsing images with friends and family using the app’s screenshot button, without having to open up a photo editing program to crop the picture.

Drag and Drop
Want to open a specific picture or video in another tab? With Filehippo Browser, it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Some Fun Facts about Baidu

Baidu consists of two characters, bai ( which means 100 ) and du ( degree), The first part (bai) refers to ( buy or bye), while the second part (du) refers to ( do or dew ) , The name was inspired by a poem written more than 800 years ago during the Song Dynasty and the Man Behind Baidu is Robin Li who studied computer science at Beijing University and later attended graduate school at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Baidu Browser Filehippo is one of many superb services offerings from Baidu, one of China’s largest technology companies, that include its search engine, a massive advertising platform, and a Wikipedia-like collaborative encyclopedia. It’s one of the top browsers in China with a huge user base.