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October 7, 2019 - Bleeping Computer (Free)
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Combofix Filehippo program allows the manual removal of spyware infections. It’s a specialized effective cleaning tool, which is useful compared to other malware and spyware removers. After Combofix finished, a report will be created. You can use this report to search and remove infections that are not automatically removed.

Combofix is designed for advanced users, system administrators, and computer technicians; it is not to be used by beginners, because it can cause serious damage to your computer, to the point where the system can become unbootable. In other words, Combofix can return the best and furthermore, the safest results only if in the right hands.

Although it performs such a complex task and should be handled with the utmost care, it isn’t difficult to accommodate it on the system. In addition, it creates a backup of the registry, as well as a system, restores point, in case of crashes occur.

Please note that during the scan/cleaning process, Combofix deletes files from three locations, namely Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files and the Temp Folder; a wise move would be to back up this type of data before you run the application.

The scan process takes about ten minutes if infections are minor, but may extend to a much larger time frame if the computer is populated with severe threats. One of the greatest advantages of Combofix is its ability to detect combinations of common spyware and malware threats, leaving your computer clean from the first run.

Normally, the infections are cleaned automatically; however, if it turns out that the threats can’t be cleaned with Combofix, advanced users can study the log file that holds information about each malware item and attempts a manual removal with a different utility.

Combofix Filehippo Features

  • Automatically remove malware
  • Download (Download) the newest official app (4.1mb) save to your desktop computer
  • The threats discover are delete automatically
  • Strong spyware removal tool
  • An effective and fast tool for eliminating malware infections
  • Close all software, apps running on your computer
  • No setup needed
  • Double click and begin download Combo fix.exe in your computer desktop
  • Gives a log of activities performed
  • When freeware completed, It Is Going to create logs to you

ComboFix FAQ

Q: Is Combofix compatible with 8.1/10?

A: No. Combofix is not compatible with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. In fact, is it very unlikely Combofix will ever be compatible with these versions, or any future Windows updates. There are alternatives to Combofix Filehippo that run on these versions of Windows. See below for more details on alternatives.

Q: Which versions of Windows is Combofix compatible with?

A: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8


Note: Combofix is no longer compatible with Windows 2000

Q: What happens if I try to run by Combofix on an incompatible version of Windows?

A: A message box like the one below will appear, and you will be forced to close the program. As you can see from the warning message below, you are run the risk of damaging your PC.


How to ‘trick’ Combofix into running on Windows 8.1/10?

Although Combofix Filehippo is not compatible with Windows 8.1/10, some users have found a ‘work-around’ to get the software to run on these systems. This approach is not sanctioned by Combofix’s developer, and we strongly advise against using these methods. These methods also do not work for a large percentage of users. However, In the spirit of full information, we have included a video showing a user running Combofix on Windows 10. Although the video example shows Windows 10; the same steps would apply for Windows 8.1.

The approach forces Combofix to run in Windows ‘Compatibility Mode’. Combofix warns users about this, see the image below.


We strongly advise you not to the methods shown in this video! Do so at your own risk!


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