Best 3 Platforms Used To Convert Youtube Video To Mp3

September 20, 2021 - TWUBS
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Youtube is the hub of videos where you can find a massive collection of songs, but it takes a lot of space to store it on a phone or PC. Using the best Youtube to MP3 online tools, you can convert the required YT videos into audio files and then download them for offline access.

3 Recommended Services to Convert YouTube Video To Mp3

1] YTSMP3 – Youtube to MP3 Converter

YTSMP3 is the best and free tool to convert youtube to mp3 without any waiting time. The tool has a simple interface with a non-distracting dashboard to download unlimited videos in audio formats. YTSMP3 is a rapidly used online youtube converter throughout the globe by music and podcast lovers.

Steps to Use YTSMP3 Online tool to convert videos in audio format

Step 1: Play your favorite music on Youtube and copy the URL. 

Pro Tip: Prepare a list of YT links of your favorite music or videos that you want to convert into an audio file. It will save your time and make the task easy to perform.

Step 2: Go to the official website of the YTS MP3 online converter and paste a link inside the featured box.


Step 3: The provided link of the YT video will automatically get converted into MP3.

Step 4: Now click on the Download button, and the MP3 file will be saved in your local storage path.


2] Snap Downloader

Another youtube to mp3 converter online tool that allows you to download 8K videos in audio format is Snap Downloader. Using the Snap Downloader YT to mp3 tool, you can save the videos files in more than five formats. Also, it allows you to download the bulk YT Videos, but everything is available in the paid tool that you can access after installing it in your Windows or macOS.

3] Y2Mate

At last, Y2Mate is a well-known tool that convert youtube to mp3 files. It supports all of the modern browsers but works slowly to convert youtube to mp3 online. Sometimes, users can also face slow page loading or server response time with Y2 Mate.

YouTube To Mp3 Convertors FAQ

Is it possible to download long videos from YouTube to MP3?

Yes, it is! Using YTSMP3, you can easily convert up to 1-hour longer Youtube videos and download them in MP3 format. You can even download too-long YT videos using some premium youtube converter to mp3 applications.

Why do you need to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 videos?

Youtube to mp3 converter helps you download MP3 juice and copy them in iPhone, Android, smartwatch, PC, and other audio-supported gadgets. So, instead of saving music in MP4 or other video formats, you can save it in the audio file to smartly use the available space.

Can you upload .mp3 to YouTube?

No! You can only upload the video formats on Youtube. But you can upload your MP3 collection on the Youtube Music library after creating a personal account.