3DMark Benchmark Software 2.11.6846

January 13, 2020 - Futuremark (Free)
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3DMark is a PC benchmark suite by Futuremark Corporation designed to determine the DirectX performance of graphics cards. The full range of 3DMark product ranges are 3DMark11, 3Dmark06, 3DMark05, 3DMark03, and 3DMark Vantage. Every new edition of 3DMark uses the latest in 3D technology to deliver objective and forward-looking measurements for real-world performance.

Modern video games require a solid configuration to flawlessly render all details. Using specialized tools like 3DMark, a benchmarking application, avid gamers can test their system’s performance and check if their computers meet the necessary requirements.

3dmark benchmark software

3DMark Filehippo Benchmark Software Features

  • Night Raid (NEW): Night Raid is a DirectX 12 benchmark for mobile computing devices with integrated graphics and low-power platforms powered by Windows 10 on ARM. Run Night Raid 3D Mark 2019 Latest to test and compare laptops, notebooks, tablets, and the latest Always Connected PCs. The test is especially suitable for DirectX 12 systems that cannot achieve high frame rates in the more demanding Time Spy benchmark.3dmark_night_raid
  • Time Spy: Time Spy is a showcase DirectX 12 benchmark test for high-performance gaming PCs running Windows 10. With its pure DirectX 12 engine, built from the ground up to support new features like asynchronous compute, explicit multi-adapter, and multi-threading, Time Spy is the ideal benchmark for testing DirectX 12 performance. DirectX 12 benchmark for Windows 10. Renders at 2560 × 1440 resolution. Includes a Demo, Graphics tests, and a CPU test.
  • Time Spy Extreme: Time Spy Extreme is a new 4K DirectX 12 benchmark test, available in the app Advanced and Professional Editions. You don’t need a 4K monitor to run it, but you will need a GPU with at least 4 GB of dedicated memory. With its 4K Ultra HD rendering resolution, Time Spy Extreme is an ideal benchmark test for the latest high-end graphics cards. The CPU test has been redesigned to let processors with 8 or more cores perform to their full potential.
  • Fire Strike: Fire Strike is a showcase DirectX 11 benchmark designed for today’s high-performance gaming PCs. It is very demanding, even for the latest graphics cards. If your frame rate is low, use Sky Diver instead.
  • Sky Diver: It is a DirectX 11 benchmark for gaming laptops and mid-range PCs. Use it to benchmark systems with mainstream graphics cards, mobile GPUs, or integrated graphics. It is especially suitable for systems that cannot achieve more than single-digit frame rates in the more demanding Fire Strike test.
  • Cloud Gate: It is designed for Windows notebooks and typical home PCs with integrated graphics. The benchmark uses a DirectX 11 engine limited to Direct3D feature level 10 making it suitable for testing DirectX 10 compatible hardware.
  • Ice Storm: Use 3D Mark 2019 Ice Storm to compare basic tablets and smartphones. Ice Storm includes two Graphics tests to measure GPU performance and a Physics test to stress CPU performance. Ice Storm uses DirectX 11 feature level 9 on Windows. On Android and iOS, it uses OpenGL ES 2.0. You can compare scores across platforms. Use Ice Storm Extreme to compare low-cost smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, and Windows. Ice Storm Extreme raises the rendering resolution from 1280 × 720 to 1920 × 1080 and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects in the Graphics tests.3DMark-Ice-Storm-Extreme
  • API Overhead feature test: Games make thousands of draw calls per frame, but each one creates performance-limiting overhead for the CPU. APIs with less overhead can handle more draw calls and produce richer visuals. The 3D Mark API Overhead feature test is an independent test for comparing the performance of Vulkan, DirectX 12 and DirectX 11. See how many draws calls your PC can handle with each API before the frame rate drops below 30 FPS.
  • Stress Testing: Stress testing is a good way to check the reliability and stability of your system after buying or building a new PC, upgrading your graphics card, or overclocking your GPU. It can help you identify faulty hardware or a need for better cooling. If your GPU crashes, hangs or produces visual artifacts during the test, it may indicate a reliability or stability problem. If it overheats and shuts down, you may need more cooling in your computer.

Other features of 3DMark Filehippo Benchmark Software

Visually appealing interface

When you first initialize the application, 3DMark Vantage performs an automatic scan on your computer, in order to analyze its hardware and software performance – this can take several minutes.

The user interface is modern and very attractive but, unfortunately, you cannot maximize the GUI. In the main window you can run two graphics tests and two CPU tests – they usually take a very long time to load.

Video in-depth graphics details

In the Options section, you can view test settings (e.g. resolution, texture and shadow shader quality, post-processing), graphics test, CPU tests, and feature tests (e.g. texture fill, color fill, GPU particles). But the twist is that you cannot configure anything.

View your computer’s statistics online

System Info contains a detailed report of your computer’s hardware and software configuration, and it is revealed to you in a web browser. So, you cannot access this report without an Internet connection.

More features with upgraded versions

Additionally, you can upgrade 3DMark Basic Edition to Advanced Edition or Professional Edition for extended features. There’s also a well-developed online help file available.

CPU and memory are minimally used when a benchmark is not running but highly demanded otherwise.

The 3DMark score is the overall measure of a systems 3D gaming performance, based on comprehensive individual real-time 3D graphics tests and processor tests. Each 3DMark product produces a 3DMark score as its outcome, and the 3DMark scores are comparable within the same product.

3DMark is widely used by the PC industry and press and media as well as individual users and gamers, giving wide reference material for comparing performance levels between systems or specific components.

3Dmark Filehippo Benchmark Software System Requirement

operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor 1.8 GHz dual-core.
Memory 2 GB RAM.
Graphics DirectX 9*
Storage 3.0 GB space.

Technical Specification

Software Name 3Dmark Benchmark Software For Windows V  2.11.6846
File Size
Languages English
License Free
Developer Futuremark

The fact of the matter is 3DMark filehippo benchmark software is a perfectly reliable benchmarking application. Its rendering engine is able to test all kinds of hardware and stethe correct score for your system’s performance. Whether you’re wondering whether or not your configuration needs an upgrade or simply want to see how well it can perform under pressure, this is the proper tool to use.

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