Apache OpenOffice For PC 4.1.10

June 19, 2021 - Apache Software Foundation (Free)
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Apache OpenOffice is the main open-source office software suite for word preparation, spreadsheets, introductions, designs, information bases, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is available in numerous dialects and chips away at all basic PCs. It stores all your information in a global open standard design and can likewise read and compose files from other common office software bundles. It tends to be downloaded and utilized totally for nothing for any reason.

Apache OpenOffice is a full-featured office suite that comes as a more moderate option to the well-known Microsoft Office. It brings elective answers for each significant instrument packaged into Microsoft’s own personal suite, which implies that you can change to this application regardless of whether you are a devotee of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access.

Apache OpenOffice Tools

This office suite software is not difficult to learn, and in case you’re already utilizing another office software bundle, you’ll take to the software straight away. The overall local language local area implies that the program is presumably available and upheld in your own language. Furthermore, on the off chance that you already have files from another office bundle – this instrument will most likely read them with no trouble.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Pentium III or later processor
Memory 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
Storage Space Up to 1.5 GB available hard disk space
Display Resolution 1024×768 resolution (higher resolution recommended), at least 256 colors

Technical Specification

Software Name Apache Open Office Software For Windows V 4.1.10
File Size
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Magicbit, Inc

Apache OpenOffice Opensource Software

Apache OpenOffice Office Suite Software Features

New Custom Properties Handling

OpenOffice.org allows users to define any number of custom document properties as name/value pairs in the File > Properties dialog. With version 3.3 it is possible to also define DateTime values and values that contain a duration.

Embedding of Standard PDF Fonts

This software in standard PDF standard fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol, and ZapfDingbats) were only embedded into the resulting PDF when the resulting file was of the PDF/A type, since the PDF/A standards requires this. In version 3.3, you can optionally embed these fonts in all PDF documents created by OpenOffice.org to enhance display accuracy in PDF viewers.

New Narrow Font Family

Oracle contributed a narrow font family to the free and open-source Liberation font families. Being metrically compatible to the Arial Narrow font, widely used on Microsoft Windows systems, this font family now completes the Liberation family and delivers a compatible and free set of fonts available on all platforms.

Increased Document Protection in Writer and Calc

OpenOffice.org Writer and Calc now allow two levels of document protection. As before, you can save a document with a password that prevents unauthorized users to read the content. Now you can also set a password to protect a document against unwanted changes.

This way, you can make the content of a document available for reading to a selected group of people, and for reading and editing to a different group. This behavior is now compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel file protection.

Automatic Decimals Digits for “General” format in Calc

In OpenOffice.org Calc, numbers formatted with the “General” number format will display as many decimal digits as required. In former versions, a maximum of 2 decimal digits were displayed with the “General” number format.

1 Million Rows in a Spreadsheet

OpenOffice.org Calc spreadsheets now support 1,048,576 (1 Million) rows instead of 65,536 rows.

New Options for CSV (Comma Separated Value) Import in Calc

Two new options are available when importing CSV files that contain data separated by specific characters.

These options determine whether quoted data will always be imported as text, and whether OpenOffice.org Calc will automatically detect all number formats, including special number formats such as dates, time, and scientific notation. The detection depends on the language settings.

Insert Drawing Objects in Charts

The Chart functionality is enhanced and now supports drawing objects. The drawing toolbar allows inserting simple shapes such as lines, rectangles, and text objects and even complex shapes such as cubes, symbols, block arrows, flowcharts and stars. The drawing objects can be edited by several dialogs which can be opened via the context menu. Also the font and formatting of text objects can be changed.

Hierarchical Axis Labels for Charts

If the categories in charts that get their data from a spreadsheet span multiple rows and multiple columns, the direction of the first data series is detected. If the data for the first series comes from rows, the categories are split into multiple rows. Otherwise, the categories are split into multiple columns. The split categories are then applied as different hierarchical labels at the x-axis.

Improved Slide Layout Handling in Impress

Handling of slide layouts in presentations is vastly improved. The content type of slide sections is now defined directly on the slide by clicking on one of the four content type icons: table, chart, picture, or movie, or entering text directly.

OpnOffice Impress


Apache OpenOffice is an efficient and reliable piece of software that comprises all the necessary tools to become your office suite of choice. It runs quite smooth even on older computers, without popping errors or freezing, while the interface might seem quite familiar and thus, simple to handle.