AVG PC Tuneup 19.1.1209.0

January 28, 2020 - : AVG Technologies (Free)
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AVG Tuneup filehippo is an advanced optimizer to speed up and clean up of your PC performance. It is used to remove junk files to free up space in your PC, Uninstall software you don’t need, Update your programs automatically. It is used to Boost performance and battery life across all your devices.

AVG Tuneup filehippo is your one-screen suite that makes your PC run faster, smoother, and longer. It is used to make your old PC live longer — and your new PC runs faster.

AVG Tuneup filehippo Keep your PC in good shape with various tools that, repair registries, remove applications or even bring back deleted files

If you’ve had your PC for a while, it’s not uncommon for it to get slower over time. Part of this has to do with accumulated clutter. You’ll want to use an application that optimizes your computer to get it back up to speed. AVG PC TuneUp is a good option. The program helps remove browser traces and other file clutter to ensure your PC is running its quickest.

With AVG Tuneup filehippo a single subscription is able to cover every device you have; whether that be a Windows PC, a Mac laptop, or an Android tablet.

Feature of AVG Tuneup filehippo

make your PC more powerful

The PC optimizer comes with revamped Sleep Mode technology to boost your PC speed and performance, and Disk and Browser Cleaners that free your storage space.

Fixes and maintains your PC automatically

AVG’s improved Automatic Maintenance tunes your PC every week for you, so you can simply enjoy better performance, 24/7.

  Cleans your registry automatically

If you want your Windows operating system to work as it should and avoid errors and crashes, let AVG TuneUp identify issues in your registry and fix them automatically.

 Cares for your PC with Automatic Maintenance

The automatic maintenance cleans up browser traces, tracking cookies, cache files and program leftovers for more disk space.

Avgtuneup Fixed PC

Speed up and tune-up your PC

If your PC takes too long to boot, your programs run slowly, your games stutter, and the web slows to a crawl — AVG TuneUp is the solution you’ve been looking for. Yes, it works. Here’s how:

Optimize your PC with Sleep Mode

Installed programs slow you down by hogging your PC memory and CPU. Our completely revamped Sleep Mode technology puts them to sleep and wakes them up when you need them — and not a moment sooner.

How does Sleep Mode work?

1. Put programs to sleep

Sleep Mode identifies apps with lots of startup items, processes running in the background, scheduled tasks….and puts them to sleep, so they don’t drain your PC and slow you down.

2. Restart sleeping programs whenever you want

Kick-start sleeping apps at your convenience — our patented technology automatically enables all background activity.

3. Put programs back to sleep when you’re done

After you’re done using the app, we’ll re-freeze all draining background activity for you.

Optimize PC

Remove bloatware and junk programs

Old unnecessary programs, toolbars and trial versions, software that came preinstalled in your PC… they take up space and can cause trouble down the road.

 Find and remove unwanted software with Software Uninstaller

This  Software Uninstaller detects bloatware and helps you get rid of it, together with programs you no longer use — and forgot you had.

How software uninstaller work?

Software Uninstaller identifies and helps you get rid of:

1. Unwanted software

Get a full list of programs installed in your computer — including pre-installed apps you never asked for — and see how they score in usefulness with our cloud-based rating system, combining blacklists/whitelists, heuristic algorithms, AVGs Recommendation Engine, and user ratings.

2. Old software

See which programs you haven’t used in a while, and identify the ones you don’t need anymore. Not sure about a particular app? Use the Move to Trash feature to put it in quarantine.

Remove Junk Programs

Liberate your storage space and clean up 200+ apps

Your PC starts to accumulate junk and clutter from the very first day: leftover Windows files, junk from the web, and your own program’s residual files. You don’t want or need any of it — it just eats up space and can cause problems over time. here, two solutions for you:

Deep-clean your hard drive with Disk Cleaner

From installer files to the cache. From old backups to temporary system files. They’ve fulfilled their purpose, but now they’re just dead weight — so we clean them up and make space for the stuff that really matters.

Surf lighter and faster with Browser Cleaner

Temporary data and online leftovers? Gone. We remove the files that Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc can’t get rid of by themselves. The result? A lighter, faster, less buggy browser.

Gets all your programs up-to-date with one click

Prevent security issues, bugs & irritating installers: AVG TuneUp’s Software Updater checks your installed software, such as Java, VLC and Skype, and easily updates them all to the latest, greatest versions.

The zero-hassle Software Updater

Wine gets better with age. The software doesn’t. Software Updater works fully automatically and supports updates for more than 50 of the most popular apps – with more added regularly!

AVG Tuneup filehippo up to date Software

How to speed up your PC in 3 steps?

Download AVG Tuneup filehippo

Download, install and get ready to tune up your PC.

Step 1: Download AVG TuneUp. Then click the downloaded file to install AVG PC TuneUp.

After launching PC TuneUp, you will be greeted by the welcome screen. You can skip the scan to get to the main dashboard.

Once there, click on the Speed Up tile to start speeding up your PC.

Avgtuneup dashboard

Step 2:

Stop background programs

Put your program in sleep mode which is not used.

AVG Tuneup filehippo sleeping programs

If your PC is constantly busy doing something even when you’re not, or you get lots of annoying balloon tips, then it’s time to put background programs on “standby” mode with Program Deactivator.

PCs, old or new, face one stark reality: The more programs you use, the slower they become.

step 3:

Unleash hidden Windows power

Programs aren’t the only things that can slow down your PC. Windows has many hidden parts that constantly beg for your PC’s precious resources. Using Turbo Mode can stop Windows features from slowing down your PC.

On the main dashboard, click on the Turbo Mode (gauge icon) button in the lower-left corner.

You’ll be asked a few simple questions about what you want to turn off. You can also choose to set Turbo Mode on permanently, or only for when you need to squeeze out that extra bit of power.

TIP! If you don’t know what some of these features do, just hover over the individual icons for a detailed description.

Turbo Mode

Turns off more than 70 hard-to-find & often unneeded features in Windows® such as Media Player sharing, pen recognition, or remote assistance processes.

It’s simply the best tool for above-average performance when designing, video editing, gaming, or programming whether you use Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3.



AVG Tuneup filehippo dashboard-turbo-mode

Comparision AVG Tuneup filehippo With TuneUp Utilities 2014

TuneUp Utilities 2014

AVG Tuneup filehippo
Maintenance Cleans up and speeds up your PC Automatic MaintenanceImproved Cleans and speeds up PCs, as well as deleting treacherous tracking cookies once per week.
Speed up Speeds up your PC using Sleep Mode. Speedup technology improved A drastically improved Sleep Mode to boost performance even further
Disk & Browser Cleanup Cleans up more than 100 applications and browsers Disk & Browser CleanupImproved Cleans up 200+ apps and now supports the latest browsers and programs.
Support status: End of life TuneUp Utilities no longer receives bug fixes or critical updates Continuous updates We’ll give you all the essential updates and security patches.
History ManagerNew Gives you a complete log of your past optimizations
Full Windows 10 support New Full support for Windows 10 and all future versions
Tuning dashboardNew A brand-new UI that makes tuning up easier
Software Uninstaller New Gets rid of bloatware and adware bogging down your PC.
Unlimited InstallsNew Install AVG TuneUp on every PC in your household.
Automatic Software UpdaterNew Updates the most critical programs on your PC to plug security holes and fix bugs.

What’s New In AVG TuneUp filehippo

  • NEW tuning dashboard
  • NEW Software Uninstaller
  • NEW History Manager
  • IMPROVED Disk & Browser Cleaning
  • ROUTINELY updated & fully supported

Pros And Cons

Very easy to use Takes some time to learn all of the features
Redesigned interface
Great selection of powerful tools
Program Deactivator
1-Click Maintenance rocks!

System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Primary Memory 512 MB RAM or above (1 GB RAM or higher preferred)
hard disk 68 MB minimum hard disk free space.
screen resolution not less than 1024 x 768 pixels

Technical Specification

Title AVG PC TuneUp for Windows v19.1.1209.0
Language English
Available languages Multiple language support
Author AVG Technologies
Software Type Free

AVG Tuneup filehippo will make your pc performance faster, and update your programs automatically.it is improved Disk & Browser Cleaning by using a different cleaner. The interface is very easy to navigate, and the list of features is comprehensive enough to cover everyone’s needs.