Clockify Time Tracking Software 1.8.48

December 8, 2020 - Clockify (Free)
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Clockify is a completely 100% Free Time Tracking App for teams and freelancers. This tool keeps track of employee timesheets and billable hours, project completion, reports, schedules, and more. Choose between logging your hours manually or automatically. Keep track of what you’re working on and assign your logs to relevant projects and clients. Generate weekly, monthly & annual reports. This Software is available on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

This software is a web-based time tracker that works in all modern browsers. There’s no need to install anything and it can be accessed from anywhere. This tool is basically a browser app, but you can also install it on your desktop as a Windows app to make time tracking more convenient. You can track how many hours you spend working on tasks from the Windows application, and then run reports, manage projects, and review timesheets in the browser version. Start and stop the timer as you work on projects, or enter all your work hours manually in a timesheet.

free time tracking app

You can report a week’s worth of time in less than a minute. Simply select predefined tasks, enter your hours, and you are done. See where you spend time and what your team is working on. See who worked on what and how much, and how much you need to bill clients or pay employees. Overview of all logged hours and money for each day in the week, broken down by person and project. See and edit every person’s time entries. Or, download full-time logs in Excel.

Invite people to your account so they can record their attendance and track how much time they spend on activities. Track time on projects and watch their progress, budget, and how close you are to finishing them. Extend Clockify’s Free Time Tracking App core functionality with extra features to boost your productivity even further.

Free Time Tracking App

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10
Deployment Cloud, SaaS, Web
Installed – Mac
Installed – Windows
Mobile – Android Native
Mobile – iOS Native
Support Online, Business Hours

Technical Specification

Software Name Clockify Software For Windows V 1.8.48
File Size 97.8 MB
License Free Trial
Developer Clockify Team

Clockify Free Time Tracking App Benefits

  • Add an unlimited number of team members and features, for free.
  • Keep timesheets highly accurate with advanced features.
  • Track time more comfortably with desktop and mobile apps.
  • Get accurate insight into your data using robust reports and visualization.
  • See how much you’ve earned in real-time based on your billable rates.

Clockify Free Time Tracking App Features

Here are the top features of Clockify, all designed for better time management options:

  • Insanely simple: Time tracking in the Windows app is quick and easy – all it takes is one click.
  • Time tracker: Before clocking in for work, you have the option to immediately use the timer once you start or stop. You can also choose to enter your hours manually. Either way, this features an innovative tool that helps you set specifics regarding the hours you’ve worked on a project. This tool is used to track time on projects and mark them as billable accordingly.
  • Timesheet: As stated by the name itself, timesheets are needed to highlight and describe the work you’ve done during specific time periods. It’s quick and easy with custom fields that are required for the employees to fill up. You can set a list of predefined tasks, use templates to load activities per week, and view the total time per activity and day.
  • Dashboard: If you need to see what your team has been doing during their hours, the dashboard is the best place to view these details. Top activities are used to check what your team usually spends their hours on and visual charts help categorize your time and money into understandable presentations, making it easier to understand at first glance. The dashboard serves as a summary of your employees’ work hours, highlighting what they’ve been doing and how long it took them to finish their tasks.
  • Reports: Three types of reports are made available for those using Clockify. If you want a summary of and breakdown of a project’s progress, then you can generate summary reports. These details of the report can be changed by specific filters or time ranges. But if you want a detailed version of the work done by your employees, then you can check out detailed reports, which helps you view the information by day, activity, and user. Lastly, the weekly report helps you analyze everything that happened within a specific week, including the project, the users, and the activities behind each one.
  • Projects: A tool to track the progress of your projects is available in Clockify. Under this tool, you can find intuitive features such as job types, hourly rates, an option to compare tracked versus estimated time, and overall project progress.
  • Team: Collaboration is crucial in organizations. It addresses these needs by inviting team members, setting user hourly rates, assigning manager roles to a single person, and then managing all the teams through the group options.
  • Extras: It offers more than what meets the eye. These extra features improve existing tools such as reports, teams, access, and projects. However, most of them can only be found in premium plans. If you want to test out these tools, you’re only given a week.
  • Custom fields: Each business is different, which is why this tool has added a feature in which you can add custom fields. This means you can better analyze time entries and track the hours for each one. You can now add fields covering for estimates, dropdowns, statuses, quantities, expenses, units, and more.
  • Clockify Benefits: This app is a popular time tracking application, most often used by a variety of industries in the current market. It provides many benefits to teams and users of the platform, including:
  • Streamline processes: Due to its streamlining features, employees no longer have to worry about accurately recording their time. Since they have the option to use a timer or manually edit their hours accordingly, they can now work efficiently while ensuring their hours are accurate.
  • Better overview of operations: The platform allows teams and users to accurately measure and track time that has been worked by staff, meaning they can get a better understanding of operations and how effective current work hours are.
  • Support for all teams: It supports all kinds of team sizes—it doesn’t matter if there’s only five of you in a team or five hundred in a company. It scales your business needs and offers the necessary features to track people’s hours, generate reports, and manage project progress. It also works as a project management software solution since you can track reminders, add hours manually, and delete time entries.
  • Affordable pricing: Additionally, Clockify’s time tracking features are all priced at reasonable rates. This means you can now benefit from a powerful software solution that is easy to use and manage. Less time is spent worrying about your hours and more time is refocused on being more productive and efficient.

Free Time Tracking App

Pros and Cons of Clockify Free Time Tracking App

Pros Cons
Super easy to use and implement. Lacks notifications that timers are running
Great Chrome extension for accurate time tracking. Mobile app is difficult to use
Interface is straightforward Sometimes lags and crashes
Web app is user-friendly
Reports are insightful


You can easily use Clockify for 100% free which is a simple time tracker and timesheet app. Using this tool you can log the time from anywhere on the web of your spend time on work projects and manage each one.

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