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September 12, 2020 - Fast Brands, LLC  (Free)
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DeskTime is a very interesting and exciting time tracking app for employees that aims to provide you with the perfect blend between a rock-solid time-tracking app. This software is an easy and secure time tracking desktop app for Windows that lets you increase your business effectiveness and productivity. Keep your projects on track and on budget with an automatic time tracking program like Monitor daily activity, sick leaves, vacations, and overtime with ease, and get a clear overview of your team’s workflow. Access detailed data about apps and websites employees use and visit as well as the activities they’ve specified for their offline time.

Auto screenshots and activity rate trackers allow you to follow the time spent on individual projects. Simply customize, download, and send CSV reports to give your clients precise information about the amount of work and time spent on various projects. Oversee local or remote teams from both your desktop and mobile. Save time by looking over reports on the performance of your firm while on the go.

DeskTime Software

DeskTime project tracking lets you understand exactly how much time you’re spending on certain projects. This software acknowledges users to charge their clients accurately, and estimate the time required for similar projects in the future. Lots of customers don’t realize how much time things take. This software is for Desktop to show how long you’ve spent on tasks, and allows you to generate reports using this data in seconds.

Simply download and share it with your clients. Don’t let clients waste your time. Unnecessary meetings and long phone calls are all included in non-billable hours, and in the end, you’re losing money. Whenever this happens, log in this time with this program, and start charging for offline hours, too.

my desktime For Time Tracking App For Employees

DeskTime Time Tracking App For Employees Features

Automatic time tracking

DeskTime time tracker starts and stops working when you do, from the minute you turn on the computer, to the minute you turn it off. No manual data entries this software tracks and calculates productivity automatically for you. So that you can rely 100% on the data you see.

URL and app tracking

See what websites, programs, and applications your employees use, and categorize them into productive or unproductive for completing their work tasks. Through such internet usage monitoring, see how your employees spend their days, as well as each person’s average productivity.

Document title tracking

Know which tasks your team is working on when they use specific programs, like Excel, Word, Photoshop, etc. Instead of just displaying the total time spent on the program, It will also record titles of documents or files and time spent on each of them.

Auto screenshots

Activate the screenshots feature for a more detailed view of your team’s efficiency and for monitoring remote employees. Every 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes DeskTime will take a screenshot (regular or blurred) of what everyone is working on and automatically takes screenshots that have caught unproductive activities.

Offline time tracking

Collect accurate data about the time spent away from the work computer. Specify the reasons for absence and put them down as productive, unproductive, or neutral. That way, you’ll have a more precise overview of your team’s workload, time management, and productivity.

Project time tracking

Track the time of individual projects and tasks. Get an idea of the status of your projects, estimate the time required for similar projects in the future, and bill your clients accurately for the work done.

Project Management For Time Tracking App For Employees

Cost calculation and project billing

Know how much each project cost to the company and how much you should charge your customers with the integrated time billing feature. Set your and the team’s hourly rates, and DeskTime will automatically calculate project costs based on time spent working on it.

Pomodoro Timer

Make sure your team not only works hard but also remembers to take breaks to avoid burnouts. Activate the built-in Pomodoro timer that will remind you to take a pause from work every 52, 60 or 90 minutes.

Private time option

Let your employees feel safe when they need to quickly do something work-unrelated during office hours. Anyone at any time can turn on the Private time feature, and while it’s on, the time and websites used won’t be tracked.

Employee absence calendar

Coordinate time off with the DeskTime employee absence calendar. This software allows employees to plan their schedules and let the team know when they’ll be on vacation or homesick. This eliminates unnecessary questions about the whereabouts of absent employees and helps you plan everyone’s workload.

Team’s contacts

Access the team’s contact information through this software to make communication within the team more efficient. It is no longer necessary to ask a colleague for another colleague’s email or phone number it saves time and interruptions.

Custom reports

Customize reports with the help of various filters to see the exact data you need. For example, use DeskTime Reports to create reports about the business productivity status, websites used at work, or time spent on specific tasks. Then share print, or export them to CSV.

Mobile app

Oversee the performance of your team not only from your desktop but also from your iPhone or Android device. Use the DeskTime mobile app to log details about your offline time and get access to your company’s performance reports while on the go.

Integrations with 3rd party apps

Simplify your company’s workflow with DeskTime integrations – from calendar apps to help you track offline time, to project management software to make the project and task tracking accurate, while effortless.


DeskTime Benefits

Boost productivity with the help of this automated time-tracking tool

With that out of the way, this software is able to talk about what this productivity-focused app is all about. This software is capable of collecting data in regards to particular projects or tasks by filtering them via a wide array of stats. Make your way to the dashboard, and you’re also bound to discover that the app presents all the data in a very intuitive and stylish manner.


This software is capable of collecting data such as the arrival time and total work time, as well as the productive and nonproductive time. It also presents you with total effectiveness and productivity percentage.

You’re also provided with a nifty productivity bar that shows how you spend your time at 5-min intervals. Underneath, you’re bound to find even more charts and panels that present various useful meters such as a category breakdown and a list of all the unproductive and neutral apps.

Employee tracking features overview

When it comes to employee tracking, it’s worth noting that this software is quite decently equipped, however, it’s by no means a full-featured app of this sort.

There is a couple of good news, the first of which is that all the time-tracking features available for you are also available for the employees. As expected, there are a couple of nifty extra features as well. Take, for example, the fact that you’re provided with a quick-view on employee productivity. From the employee tab, you can view who’s working, as well as who’s productive or who’s slacking.

This time tracking app for employees says that you have various remote employees and you want to make sure that they earn their paychecks correctly. This software also offers the possibility of capturing screenshots. For this, you will have to go to the Settings section and, under Company, check the appropriate option (and choose the time interval at which the screenshots would be captured).

You’re offered the possibility of blurring screenshots, in order to ensure the privacy of your employees, well, at least to some extent. And, since we’re on the subject of privacy, fear not, employees can always temporarily turn off the monitoring system by using the Private Time option (from the taskbar menu).

This software also sports integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Furthermore, reports can be exported to XLS format, and you can check out productivity-related data on the go thanks to its Android and iOS clients.

DeskTime Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Automated time tracking relieves you of filling data by yourself. Some time-trackers are available for free. Although Desktime offers cheaper prices, it would be a great option to give users a free version as well.
You can access the company reports any time you want. There aren’t as many integrations as some of the other time trackers offer.
Segmentation of time-based on productivity helps you reduce wasted time. It doesn’t have the logging capabilities for offline work.
A strict check on employees helps them perform better.
Your business affairs become completely error-free and transparent.
The free trial package for this software gets you started and you can check whether it suits your style of work or not.
It has been trusted by many businesses around the globe so you won’t be disappointed.
It is available for mobile devices and compatible with most operating systems which is normally not an option in many other time trackers.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows SP1, Windows SP1
Framework NET framework 4.5.2

Technical Specifications

Software Name DeskTime Software For Windows V 1.3.548
File Size 1.20 MB
Language English
Available Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Author Fast Brands, LLC

Conclusion of Time Tracking App For Employees

DeskTime time tracking app for employees is definitely a very interesting piece of software that has the potential of improving both your and your employees’ productivity by offering accurate glimpses on potentially unproductive behavior. The app manages to boast an-almost-perfect mix between basic time-tracking capabilities, employee monitoring, and user-friendliness.

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