DISCORD Chat App 0.0.305

January 31, 2020 - Hammer & Chisel, Inc. (Free)
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Discord Filehippo is a chat and communication application that originally developed by Discord, Inc. which was known then as Hammer & Chisel. It is designed especially for gamers to chat with one another by using Unlike other communication apps, It is unique for its use of “servers” that users can create or join upon first signing up as well as its focus on voice channels rather than text.

People like playing games with their friends.it provides a facility to communicate with small groups of ten friends to extremely large servers where thousands of people can connect.

Discord is a free voice and text chat are about making it easier for you to spend time with the people you care about, create these memories, and land a headshot or two.

Discord Filehippo provides a facility for gamers to chat with your friends through text chat, voice chat, and direct messaging.

Features of Discord Filehippo

Never pay for voice chat again
The software is always completely free to use with no gotchas. This means you can make as many servers as you want with no slot limitations. Wondering how we’ll make money? In the future, there will be optional cosmetics like themes, sticker packs, and sound packs available for purchase. We’ll never charge for Discord’s core functionality.

Play online with peace of mind
Encrypted server to client communication keeps your IP address safe. Stop getting ganked because you’re logged into Skype. Resilient Erlang backend running on the cloud has built-in DDoS protection with automatic server failover.

Always be connected to your friends
Download the free mobile app to chat while on the go or summon your AFK friends by sending a push notification with an @mention.

discord online friend

Text chat designed for the 21st century
Easily share images, videos, and links from your desktop or phone. the app embeds most types of media directly in the chat. GIFs only play when you mouse over them, so your CPU is spared.

Voice chat that doesn’t slow down your game
Designed for use while gaming, the tool has minimal impact on your CPU. Your game’s performance won’t be affected in the slightest. Seriously. It’s time to ditch CPU hogs like Skype.

The easiest setup you’ve ever seen
It takes just 10 seconds and doesn’t require any drivers or weird setting configuration. The software can even run in the web browser which is great for PUGs you invite to your voice channel or those stubborn friends of yours. You can download the Windows or OSX app for maximum performance.

Managing your server is easy, but powerful
Robust permissions and multiple channels, all within an easy-to-use UI, make the program perfect for both small groups or large guilds. Finally, the power you’ve come to expect from TeamSpeak, Vent, and Mumble in a package that isn’t ridiculously complicated.

Voice quality so clear you can hear a pin drop
Tshi app is built with the latest tech using a modern jitter buffer, automatic gain control, noise suppression, echo cancellation, system attenuation on Windows and more. You’ll love it and it works everywhere: desktop apps, browser apps, and phones.

Securely add and message friends
The program allows you to add friends and individually message them outside of servers. Use a block feature to prevent direct messages from baddies. We even hide the offenders’ text in servers – keep your eyes pure!

See who’s talking without pressing alt+tab
Discord’s customizable overlay allows you to see who’s talking in the middle of the action. You can also adjust individual volume settings, change servers and channels, or even kick people all without leaving your game. The overlay requires the Windows Client and works on most games that use DirectX 9, DirectX 11, and OpenGL.

Installation of Discord Filehippo

Installing Discord is very simple.

Once the installer file has been downloaded, users will just need to execute the installer file to start the installation process. If you already have a Discord account, just log-in and you’ll be taken to the starting screen immediately. If you don’t have an account yet, however, create one by providing an email, username, and password.

When you first enter, you’ll be prompted to create or join a server. Choose the appropriate option, and the app will take you to the home screen. On the left side of the home screen, you’ll find your list of servers and chat groups. To its right is the chat window. In the chat window, users can send GIFs and emoticons for a more playful conversation.

How to Use Discord Filehippo?

To use Discord, you must first join a server. As stated above, you can also choose to create one for yourself. Once you’re in a server, you can start adding people to it. Within the server, users can create channels to keep discussions on different topics separate.

Probably the best thing about Discord, however, is its use of voice meetings. Discord is one of the best platforms to host voice chats due to the simplicity of its nature. It also has audio enhancements so users won’t have to worry about distorted audio when making calls or voice meetings in Discord.

discord facility window

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is your new home. It’s warm, cozy, and has all your Discord happenings in one place. You’ll see:

  • News about the games you play.
  • Launcher for the games you play.
  • What your friends are playing right now.
  • What your friends recently played.
  • Your friends’ Spotify listening parties, Twitch streams, and Xbox status.

Activity Window

A Messaging App to Rival the Greats

Discord may be a newcomer to the messaging app scene, but it certainly isn’t pulling any punches. It comes equipped with nice tools and features that anyone will appreciate, whether they’re a non-gamer or not. In fact, Discord might have the capacity to expand to professional settings with its easy usability. Whatever it’s being used for. Discord will definitely not disappoint.

Pros And Cons

Great interface No Ctrl+F
Easy bot scripting Slow log retrieval
Simple Installation Process

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage 200 MB available space.
Graphics 64 MB

Technical Specification

Title Discord V 0.0.305
File Size 58.5 MB
Language English
Software Type Free
Author Hammer & Chisel, Inc.
Website Discord
The DISCORD chat app is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. It’s great you can chat with friends while playing an online game.