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February 26, 2020 - OSToto Co., Ltd. (Free)
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Driver Talent is the best driver update software for pc. It will find, repair and update all windows drivers that have outdated, malfunctioning, problematic, missing drivers and quickly repair it. It will support all hardware devices including Motherboard, Audio card, Display card, Network card, USB WLAN card, etc. from all brands and peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, network printer, scanner, webcam, DVD player, Bluetooth. It will keep game components, drivers, up to date so you can be playing the game easily.

It is a free driver updater has more than 500,000 driver packages, which support 1,000,000 kinds of hardware devices.

Feature Of Driver Talent

  • Scan to find all outdated, missing, corrupted, faulty & incompatible drivers.

driver status of outdated drivers

  • Download and install best-matched drivers for computer hardware and all connected peripheral devices.
  • Update to the latest drivers (several driver versions are available).
  • You can enjoy the top gaming experience. It will keep all drivers including graphics drivers and game components drivers up-to-date. It ensures stable hardware performance and fixes errors quickly once they occur when you are playing games.
  • One-click repair & fix all driver problems.
  • Pre-download and save drivers for your own PC, download and transfer drivers for another PC. This helps you to get drivers under any circumstances, especially when there is no internet connection on a computer.
  • One-stop to manage backup, restore, uninstall and reinstall drivers.
  • Support driver downloads and updates for all hardware devices and manufacturers.
  • Keep your computer and devices in top condition.
  • 100% compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server.

What Can Driver Talent Do for You?

  • 1. Check what causes issues on your computer, and find out all the outdated, missing, corrupted, or incompatible drivers.
  • 2. Download and install the best-matched and stable drivers to fix driver-related issues.
  • 3. Update your drivers to the latest versions.
  • 4. Backup drivers on your local computer.
  • 5. Restore drivers from the backup to make computer hardware and devices work properly.
  • 6. Uninstall drivers without residual files on your computer.
  • 7. Offer a clear overview of your computer hardware information.
  • 8. Keep your computer in top condition.

It doesn’t create drivers but helps to find drivers from manufacturers and Microsoft with high-tech. No ads, no pop-ups, no spy, and no virus.

Easy to use

Clear UI, simple wizard, and concise interface. Even a 90-year-old grandma can understand and use it.


It’s always workable to fix all the driver-related issues on the computer.


With 10X faster speed to check driver problems, download & install drivers, and update drivers within several seconds or a few minutes.

In top condition

It keeps your computer and devices in top condition. Better PC performance and even better gaming experience.


Millions of users have been using it with good reviews.

How to use Driver Talent?

Part 1. Switch Interface Language

 The default language is English. If you are a German or French native user, you can switch the interface to your native language. It is easy to complete the switch. Go to Settings, find the Language option, choose German or French from the drop-down menu.

select language for driver talent software

Part 2. Download and Update Windows Drivers to Fix Driver Issues

You will enjoy a lifetime license to all features if you activate it to the Pro version. Now you can start to download and install drivers for your computer hardware or devices.

Step 1. Click on the “Scan” button in the interface and It will have a safe scan on your computer to check all the hardware and devices. It will find all driver issues that cause computer problems, including the drivers that are outdated, missing, damaged, broken, corrupted, or incompatible.

click on scan

Step 2. After the scan, It will list all the devices and driver status in the “Driver Status” section. You will have a very clear overview of them. There are one-click solutions for select the drivers and you can one-click repair driver problems by downloading and installing the best-matched drivers, one-click update drivers, one-click reinstall drivers, one-click reboot, etc. Alternatively, you can download and install the drivers one-by-one.

show driver-status of game components

Part 3. Backup Drivers

Backing up drivers is important because it enables you to restore drivers, especially when the drivers are missing or replaced with incompatible ones. This will help to avoid conflicts and errors. Moreover, it allows you to fix driver issues without an Internet connection. For example, if you have backed up the network driver, you can restore it from backup to fix the “no Internet connection” issue. Then you will have an Internet connection.

Click on “Backup Drivers” under the Rescue Center section. This automatic driver updater will automatically scan all the drivers and list the ones that need to be backed up. You can choose a certain driver or all of them and click on the “Start” button to back up the drivers.

click on backup-drivers for backup

All the backed-up drivers are stored in a default folder on your computer (E:\OSTotoFolder\DriversBackup). You are allowed to modify the backup directory in Settings.

change your backup-folder path

Part 4. Restore Drivers from Backup

You can restore drivers from backup when necessary, especially when the drivers are damaged or missing. This helps to fix driver issues without an Internet connection.

Click on “Restore Drivers” under the Rescue Center section. This software will automatically scan to detect the drivers that can be restored. Select the devices of which you want to restore drivers and click on the “Restore” button.

click on restore

Part 5. Create System Restore Point & Restore System

Are you confused or anxious when your computer gets stuck or corrupted after driver/software/system update? Now no fret anymore. You can use this software to backup your system (create a system restore point) and restore your computer from the system restore point where it is working properly.

From the Restore Systems section, you can see the system restore and system restore point creation. By default, It will help to create a system restore point every time it installs or updates the driver for your computer. In case your computer gets corrupted or damaged, like a blue screen, black screen, can’t restart and so on, you can boot into safe mode and launch Driver Talent to restore your computer to the previous system restore point.

Create System Restore Point & Restore System

Part 6. Uninstall Drivers

It is quite professional to uninstall drivers totally and clearly without residual files, which is very helpful for you to install new drivers successfully. (If you try to uninstall driver files from Device Manager, there are probably residual files in the registry, which will cause issues for newly-installed drivers, such as the new drivers won’t work properly.)

Click on “Uninstall Drivers” under the Rescue Center section. It will list all the drivers that you can uninstall. Select the ones to uninstall. Remember that once you uninstall the driver for a special device, the device won’t work. Download and install a new driver for it.

click on uninstall

Download, Install, and Update Computer Drivers

These Windows drivers download software that can instantly and accurately find the most suitable drivers to match your Windows OS and hardware.

  • Intelligently find the most-matched drivers for hardware.
  • Safely & quickly download, install and update to the latest drivers.
  • Instantly detect any peripheral devices (USB-connected devices) to the computer, like a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. and help search the drivers to
  • Downloading drivers is easy, especially when you have no idea how to find or install drivers for fast and exact driver matches.

Comparison between Driver Talent Free and Pro

Available Key Features Free Version Professional Version
Scan to check all driver problems (find outdated, missing, corrupted, broken, damaged, and incompatible drivers) YES YES
Download correct drivers and several driver versions available to download YES YES
Install drivers and update to the latest version with one click NO YES
Repair and fix drivers issues quickly NO YES
Backup and save drivers to the local computer with one-click YES YES
Automatically backup drivers and create a restore point before installing and uninstalling drivers NO YES
Restore network drivers from backup YES YES
Restore other drivers (except for network drivers) from backup NO YES
Uninstall drivers completely without residual files YES YES
Download and install network printer drivers NO YES
Repair the driver when the peripheral device is not detected NO YES
Pre-download and save drivers for your own PC NO YES
Download drivers for other computers NO YES
Reduce system freezes & crashes by automatic system error repair NO YES
Export computer hardware profile list YES YES
Install drivers with downloaded driver files in the Pre-download feature YES YES
Online contact and remote technical support NO YES

Supported Hardware Devices

Motherboard Display/Video card Monitor Audio card
Network adapter USB wireless adapter Bluetooth Mobile phone
Mouse Keyboard Printer Scanner
Gamepad DVD/CD player Card reader Medical instruments
HDD/SSD/NAS/USB/Flash Digital camera And more…

Supported Computer Brands

Asus Acer Dell Toshiba
HP Lenovo Fujitsu Samsung
Sony Gateway IBM LG
Philips Sharp And more…

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

1. It shows error “Failed to connect to the server”.

It is mainly because of the temporary server connection failure. You can try again later.

2. It shows the error “No internet connection”.

The reason why you get this error message is probably that your network card is disabled. So check network settings and make sure your network adapter is enabled. Also, don’t ignore the obvious: Make sure that the wire is connected normally.

Other solutions:
>> Run Network troubleshooter built in your computer.
>> Check router settings and reset it when necessary.

3. It shows error “The network card is not found”.

Firstly, open Device Manager to see if the network card is listed.
If you are using a laptop/notebook, make sure the Wi-Fi device is not closed.

4. How to install drivers that are in .inf format?

If you have a driver file that is in .inf format, for instance, the driver downloaded by Driver Talent, you may not install it by simple clicks because it is not an executable application.
However, if you have activated Pro Version, it will install the .inf files automatically. If you didn’t buy the license, you need to install it from Device Manager. Follow the steps below:

  1. Unzip it if it is compressed.
  2. Search “device manager” from the Start menu and press Enter to open it.
  3. Locate the device that needs to install the driver.
  4. Right-click the device and click “Update Driver Software”.
  5. Choose the option of “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  6. Then choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
  7. Choose the device from the device list (if applicable) and click “Have Disk”.
  8. Copy the path where the .inf file is saved and paste it into the box as below:
  9. Click “OK” and wait for the process to complete.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Processor 1 GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
Memory 256 MB (1028 MB recommended)
Storage Space 1 GB or more

 Technical Specification

Title Driver Talent V for Windows
File Size 17.4 MB
License Free
Language English
Available Language Multiple Language
Author OSToto Co., Ltd.

Driver Talent is a professional Windows drivers download and update utility. It helps to keep your computer and devices from conflicts and issues and make them work in top condition. It can instantly find all driver issues and then fix them by downloading and installing the best-matched drivers.