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December 4, 2020 - Incomedia (Free)
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WebSite X5 Evolution is the best free website builder software designed and developed by Incomedia that lets anyone, from beginners to expert users, create their own websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores, that are perfect on both desktops and mobiles.

Best free website builder

WebSite X5 Evolution is absolutely innovative and different because it combines the simplicity and intuitiveness of a wizard with the completeness and power of an editor. Easy, fast, and convenient, the tool has received impressive reviews from major software magazines and when presented at international fairs and conventions, got rave reviews from operators and journalists, but above all from the many users who have chosen it to create their sites.

WebSite X5 latest 2020 has been localized in 15 languages and is sold in over 40 countries via a vast network of distributors that includes major names like MediaMarkt, Office Depot, Office Max, Best Buy, Carrefour, Komputronik, etc. The app includes 500 customizable templates and 700,000 and royalty-free images!

Advanced tools

  • It offers an all-in-one solution for your website, with many advanced features, like:
  • manage access using log-ins
  • integrate a database
  • manage privacy and security measures
  • create a multi-lingual website
  • integrate statistics and features for search engine optimization
  • manage the site using a control panel and the WebSite X5 Manager App

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage Space 1 GB Free hard drive space
Video Card Microsoft Windows Compatible Video Card
Screen Resolution Screen Resolution at 1024 x 600
Framework .NET 3.5

Technical Specification

Software Name WebSite X5 Evolution For Windows V 2020.3.6.1
File Size 3.22 MB
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer Incomedia

Best free website builder

Free WebSite X5 Evolution Features

Parallax and Animation Effects

Use the Parallax depth effect for a truly immersive site. Animate text and images with Pop-Up Effects to capture the attention of users.

Online Control Panel

Access the online control panel as administrator, to moderate comments on your blog and Guestbook.

Custom Templates

Make your website unique by customizing one of the graphic templates or creating one of your own: save your work in a library, so you can use it again.

Automatic Backup

Use the automatic backup feature to create copies of your project: this will safeguard you against losing your work if something unexpected happens.

Built-in Graphic Editors

Use the built-in graphic editors to customize the templates, touch up photos, or set up new styles for the menus and other elements.

website maker for pc

Photo/video galleries

Import your favorite photos and videos and create fantastic galleries: they’re all visible on mobile devices and support touch.

E-mail Forms

Create e-mail forms so that visitors can write or register: include a captcha to protect yourself against spam.

Product Catalogues

Show your products at their best and quickly create catalogs so that visitors can see at a glance what you have to offer in your online store. Download the best free WebSiteX5 Evolution website builder for Windows PC Now!

Custom HTML Code

If you want, you can modify the HTML page code or add new code lines: there’s a built-in HTML editor to help you.

Multi-Language Websites

If you want an international audience, publish your website in different languages: UTF-8 support ensures you can use any alphabet.

Built-in FTP Engine

Use the built-in FTP engine to publish your website online: it supports secure connections and saves time by only publishing modified pages.

SEO Optimization

Just follow the instructions: it’s easy to optimize pages for search engines and activate services such as site visitor statistics.

Pros and Cons Of Free WebSite X5 Evolution

Pros Cons
Helpful step by step video tutorials May be too simple for advanced users
Customizable or preset templates
Options for e-commerce
No programming knowledge needed
Security options
12 months free web hosting


WebSite X5 Evolution is the best free website builder software that allows you to create, configure, and publish websites with an attractive, professional look but lacks the expertise in just a few simple steps without the need of any previous programming or web design skills.

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