Abelssoft GClean For PC 221.0.11

January 4, 2021 - Abelssoft (Free)
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GClean is a straightforward and practical Google Search Cleaner software application that prevents Google apps to send unnecessary personal data to third-aprty organizations. It does not influence the functionality of Google products. Google exactly knows which websites you visit all time and what things you are looking for on the internet. It is almost impossible to deactivate some of these spy features manually.

Most Google products like Google Desktop, Google Chrome, Google Picasa, Google Earth, and Google Toolbar collect data about the usage, generate a unique ID and transfer them back to Google. If you look optimistically at all of these tools, Google will only seek to increase the intelligence and performance of its tools by constantly gathering information and interests of its users and their search history and aiming to enhance the user experience around the world.

Google Search Cleaner

With Google Cleanup Tool you can stop those data transfers easily. It allows you to use all Google products without any headaches and without having to worry about the consequences. It does not influence the functionality of it. It takes away the bad things and leaves you the good things.

It can block the automatic update of the installed software because it cannot be switched off anywhere in the products. You can also delete all personal information that can be stored in the cache of different programs. Please note that this development does not affect the operation of products from Google, only negative aspects will be blocked, and you will be able to use the products as before.

System Requirements Of GClean Google Search Cleaner

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Processor Intel Dual Core processor or later
Memory 1 GB of RAM required
Storage Space 10 MB of free space required

Technical Specification

Software Name Abelssoft GClean For Windows V 221.0.11
File Size 8.22 MB
Available Languages English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish,Chinese
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer Abelssoft

Google Search Cleaner

GClean Google Search Cleaner For Windows Features

  • Stop data leaks: A lot of unwanted data traffic is very difficult to turn off manually. GClean stops Google’s unwanted data usage.
  • Delete content from Google: With the new “Google deletion request” function, you can request the removal of certain content. Get your privacy back.
  • Destroy traces: Find and destroy flash cookies, form data, garbage data and surfing traces that are collected by Google programs on your computer.
  • Automatic monitoring: GClean’s G-Radar runs unobtrusively in the background and regularly deletes Google traces, cookies and garbage from your computer.

Google Search Cleaner

  • Full control: Many websites save so-called Google tracking cookies on your computer. GClean searches for Google applications on your computer and stops transferring unnecessary data. User key figures are anonymized and tracking cookies are destroyed. Control what Google can learn about you!
  • Supported Google Applications: GClean supports Google Web applications (search, mail, maps, etc.), YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Analytics Tracking (is invisibly embedded in many websites), Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Google Updater (integrated in many applications ) and Google Picasa.
  • Ready to go for Windows 10: This program has already been optimized for Windows 10. For you this means: It doesn’t matter which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy today and continue to use the program without any problems even if you switch to Windows 10.

FAQ Of GClean

How to Install Abelssoft GClean on Windows 10?

After you have downloaded Abelssoft GClean setup installer, you can install it through these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, double right click by your mouse, touchpad or screen on the setup installer to start the installation.
  2. The Windows 10 smart screen will appear asking for your confirmation. Click “Yes”.
  3. Secondly, follow the installation instructions provided by the app and agree to its terms and coditions.
  4. Remember, most apps enable you to customize the installation, if you do not know what to choose, leave the default options.

How to Uninstall Abelssoft GClean from Windows 10?

  • Open Windows 10 settings.
  • Now, navigate to apps section.
  • Apps list will appear, search for Abelssoft GClean.
  • Click on it, then click uninstall. After that, confirm.


GoogleClean Google Search Cleaner App provides you with some powerful and rather intuitive features for managing various Google components installed on the computer. It requires minimal experience on your behalf.

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