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July 29, 2020 - Thomas Koen (Free)
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Geek Uninstaller is a free, fast, small, and portable uninstaller app that is used to uninstall some unnecessary software and registry files from your PC. It will remove programs with this intuitive application that features a built-in search function and integrates with the Windows Registry Editor.

Corrupt software or programs that aren’t uninstalling properly can be forcibly removed with this best uninstaller, which is more than what the standard uninstall utility in Windows is able to do.

geek uninstaller software

While not all the programs you install on the computer leave many traces behind, some do and their additional files and folders can’t be removed by using the built-in Windows tool. Geek Uninstaller, however, is a tool that can clear away all the extra items.

Feature Of Geek Uninstaller

Simple User Interface: It comes with great looking and surprisingly functional with 40+ languages on board!
Simple User Interface
Clean Removal: It performs deep and fast scanning and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean!
Force Removal: It is using force removal for stubborn and broken programs.
Clean Removal, Force Removal
Uninstall Windows Store Apps: This uninstalls windows store apps on Windows 8/8.1/10.
Uninstall Windows Store Apps
Quick instant search: Type to instantly locate a program.
Type to instantly locate a program
Fast and smart: It will have Instant startup, Type to search to locate an app immediately, and Quick leftovers scan.
Portable: You can run this single and small .exe on any 32 and 64-bit Windows.

How to Uninstall Program Leftovers with Geek Uninstaller?

  • The display is clear and concise with the installed software name, its size, and the install date listed, along with a search bar at the bottom of your software list is rather large. Press F5 to refresh the display at any time. Starting the removal is simply done by pressing Enter on the chosen program, double-clicking it, or right-clicking and select Uninstall.
  • After going through the program’s own uninstall process, It will do a scan for leftovers, much like any other software of this type. The results window will then give you the opportunity to remove what the program’s uninstaller has missed.
  • Right-clicking any entry in the main window gives you the option to force a removal if the official uninstaller doesn’t work, remove the entry from the list if the software has already gone and it still shows up, navigate to the connected registry entry for the uninstaller, open the programs install folder and go to the program’s website. The last option will do a simple Google search for the software name or company listed in the uninstaller’s details.

Pros And Cons Of Geek Uninstaller

Pros Cons
Extremely easy to use Doesn’t create a restore point before a program is removed
Doesn’t require installation (portable) Some features only work in the professional version
Simple user interface
Small size (less than 10 MB)
Able to search through the list of software
Can export the program list to a file
Can remove corrupted programs by force
Supports uninstalling Windows Store apps
Updates often with new versions

System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7/8/10

Technical Specification

Software Name Geek Uninstaller Software For Windows V
File Size 2.5 MB
License Free
Language English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
Author Thomas Koen


Geek Uninstaller is the best software uninstaller and lightweight product, which is a really useful tool that can uninstall unwanted applications with ease. It has a simple interface and it delivers well on both features and performance. Keep your PC clean! Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken programs.

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