Glary Utilities For Windows 5.155

December 2, 2020 - Glarysoft Ltd. (Free)
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Glary Utilities is a great PC speed up tool that provides a one-stop solution for PC Performance Optimization. It offers Windows registry cleaner, disk cleaner, memory optimizer, startup manager, tracks eraser, system control, file management, system restore, performance accelerator, and many other amazing multifunctional tools. With this helper, you can fix registry errors, wipe off clutters, free up disk space, optimize internet speed, safeguard confidential files, recover deleted files, check for software updates and optimize your system.

Glary Utilities provides an automated, all-in-one PC care service, including thorough scan for issues like invalid registries, unnecessary startup items, temporary files, Internet history, and spyware. Just one click can keep any PC problems away.

Its user interface is straightforward and easy to follow. Three tabs grant you access to the current status of the program updates and license, one-click maintenance functions, and five modules.

The ‘1-Click Maintenance’ section, you can configure the registry cleaner, shortcuts fixer, startup manager, temporary files cleaner, tracks eraser, and spyware remover.

If you select all features, this is the best free PC speed up software that performs a rapid scan and reveals the number of problems, highlighted in red, under each function.

If your computer presents with these problems (and it usually does), your next move is to repair them. Before doing so, we recommend you back up your data or create a system restore point, just to avoid any problems.

Glary Utilities fixes these problems almost instantly. The bad news is that it doesn’t specify if particular invalid registry entries are essential to Windows, so you can easily end up deleting them.

We suggest you perform a secondary scan, just in case Glary Utilities missed something during the first one (like it did in our case).

In ‘Modules’ you can delete junk data to clear up space, fix the start menu and desktop shortcuts, uninstall programs, monitor and optimize free memory, defrag the Windows registry, shred files, encrypt and decrypt files, retrieve deleted files, split and join files, and others.

PC speed upSystem Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ XP/ Vista (32/64 bit)

Technical Specification

Software Name Glary Utilities V 5.155 For Windows
File Size 17.9 MB
Language English
License Free
Developer Glary Ltd.

PC speed up

Glary Utilities PC Speed Up Tool Features

Disk Cleaner

Removes junk data from your disks and recovers disk space.

Registry Cleaner

Scan and clean up your registry to improve your system’s performance.

Shortcuts Fixer

Corrects the errors in your start menu & desktop shortcuts.

Startup Manager

Manages programs which run automatically on startup.

Memory Optimizer

Monitors and optimizes free memory in the background.

Tracks Eraser

Erases all the traces, evidences, cookies, internet history, and more.

File Shredder

Erases files permanently so that no one can recover them.

Internet Explorer Assistant

Manages Internet Explorer Add-ons and restores hijacked settings.

Disk Analysis

Get details information about the desired files and folders.

Duplicate Files Finder

Search for space-wasting and error producing duplicate files.

Empty Folders Finder

Find and remove empty folders in your Windows.

Uninstall Manager

Completely uninstall programs you don’t need anymore.

Pros and Cons Of Glary Utilities PC Speed Up Tool

Pros Cons
Provides performance optimization for computers Deleting registry files is not really mandatory
Over 20 system utilities May not support other web browsers
Automated system scanning May require manual configuration with some tools
Batch uninstallation


Q: How to change the language?

A: Open the tool -> Click Menu icon on the top right -> Select Settings( the fifth button in Menu ) -> Click General Settings on the left panel -> Choose the language you want on the right panel -> Click OK

Q: Is Glary Utilities safe?

A: It is safe to use and the paid Pro version, is regularly available as a giveaway. I also use Wise Disk Cleaner, to clean junk files as it does a better job at that than ASC does. The registry cleaner is Wise Care has minor issues with false positives, so should be used with care. But the other functions are safe to use.

Q: How do I stop Glary utilities from starting up?

A: Open Glary Utilities -> Click Menu icon on the top right -> Select Settings( the fifth button in Menu ) -> Click General Settings on the left panel -> Do not checkup the box before “Load Glary Utilities automatically on Windows startup” -> Click OK.


Glary Utilities is a PC speed up software for Windows 10, most especially for those with minimal experience of fixing computers. The app has everything placed under a single platform for one-click operation. With this, users can finally remove hard to find junk files hidden in their computers.

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