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January 23, 2020 - Kaspersky Lab (Free)
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Kaspersky password manager filehippo software to protect your personal data like your addresses & banking details, digital identity along with information about web and business accounts. It provides the facility to keep and secure your all data in one place.

Kaspersky password manager filehippo software generates strong passwords, encrypts them, and then stores them in a secure vault. You can also synchronize these passwords across all your devices. For authorization to access the database, a master password is used.

Kaspersky password manager filehippo is a multiplatform solution that keeps your logins and passwords in a secure vault and enters them in corresponding fields on websites and Gives you easy access to your accounts. The program has a simple interface and should be easy to figure out by all users.

Kaspersky Password Manager filehippo is a tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user going to the trouble of creating and remembering multiple passwords. It features single-click login, secure password storage, strong password generator, easy completion of long forms, secure password exchange, mobile version, and keylogging and phishing protection.

Kaspersky Password Manager filehippo encrypts data using a symmetric key algorithm based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – this AES algorithm is used worldwide to protect top-secret data. As part of this, you receive a key – used to get into your password vault – that is derived from your master password using Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2).

Kaspersky Password Manager filehippo Features

All your passwords, documents & data. All in one place. Always to hand.

  • Access your vault with a master password – or your fingerprint on your mobiles
  • Get Zero-Knowledge security – Kaspersky knows nothing about your data
  • Organize your data in folders so it’s easy to find what you need
  • Import your login details previously stored in your browsers
  • Get to everything on your Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices with one license

Save time & hassle whether you’re shopping, banking or studying – or filling out boring forms.

  • Get automatically logged into your accounts
  • Receive strong and unique passwords when you create new accounts
  • Get your addresses autofilled to save you entering them manually
  • Have us input your bank card details securely
  • Use our auto-detect technology to quickly find docs in your Photo Gallery

Advanced password management that prioritizes your online safety.

  • Notifies you if you’re using easy-to-crack passwords
  • Alerts you if have duplicate passwords that could leave you vulnerable
  • Uses a secure Password Generator to give you strong new passwords
  • Auto-clears your clipboard after you’ve used it to keep your data safe

Other Features of Kaspersky Password Manager

  • Stores all your passwords securely
  • Autofill your login details
  • Synchronize passwords via multiple devices
  • Simplifies ‘sign in’ for sites and apps
  • Generates strong passwords on PC
  • Fills in online forms on your PC or Mac
  • The Free version lets you manage 15 passwords
  • Premium version – for any number of passwords
  • Simplifies synchronization & security

Installation of Kaspersky Password Manager

  • Download the Kaspersky Password Manager
  • Run the .exe file.
  • Select the language and click Install.

Kaspersky Password Manager INSTALL

  • Read the Kaspersky Lab End User License Agreement carefully. Select the checkbox if you agree to its terms.
  • Read the Privacy Policy. Select the checkbox if you agree to its terms.
  • Click Accept.


  • Carefully read the Statement regarding data processing for marketing purposes. If you agree with the terms, click Accept → Yes. If you don’t want your data to be used in the marketing purposes, click Cancel.

Kaspersky Password Manager THANK YOU

  • Enter your account details and click Sign In. If you don’t have an account, create a new one.

Kaspersky Password Manager ADD USERNAME AND PWD

  • Create a master password to protect your vault and click Done. If you already have a vault, click Import existing vault.

Kaspersky Password Manager ADD MASTER PWD

  • Click Install for the browsers you would like to use. Click Next. To install the extension later, click Install Extensions Later.


  • The application is now ready for use.

What’s new

  • Kaspersky Password Manager introduced two-factor authentication when connecting to My Kaspersky for better protection of your account.
  • PDF documents can be now stored in your vault.
  • The update process has been improved. You’ll receive new features and bug fixes faster.
  • You can assign your documents to six categories.
  • This Software added the ability to check for compromised passwords. Be sure that none of your passwords have leaked or have been hacked.
  • Website names are filled out automatically when you add a new website to your vault.
  • The user interface has been improved.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone 5 is now supported. You will not have any issues with the Password Manager after upgrading the operating system.

Known limitations

  • It is incompatible with Windows 8 style applications.
  • It doesn’t support the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. If you use one of these operating systems, we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version. If you decide to continue using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can still use the online version of Kaspersky Password Manager.
  • This software can not display entries of a new type created in the newer version of the application on other devices.

How does it work?

  1. Remember just one password to decrypt your vaultKPM Master Password
  2. Create new accounts faster with Password GeneratorKaspersky Password-Site
  3. Create new accounts faster with Password GeneratorKPM-All
  4. Guard images, PDFs, bank cards and notesKPM-Screens-Resized


Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Inexpensive lackluster direct support
Included with Kaspersky Total Security No 2FA
Free plan available No password sharing
Easy to use Limited browser extension
Built-in password check
Solid autofill and password capture
Excellent community support
Option to turn off sync
Password backup

System Requirements

Storage 100 MB free space on the hard drive
Processor 1 GHz or higher
Memory 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
screen resolution Minimum 1024х768
Operating System Windows 7/8/10

Technical Specification

Title Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows V
File size 8.4 MB
Language English
License Free
Author Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Password Manager filehippo is a great way to help you to securely store your passwords, credit card details and key images, bank account details safe and can then Synchronises them across From your PC, mobile and tablets. Overall, the app is a great tool that saves all your login user names and passwords into one database, so you don’t have to remember them all. Kaspersky’s Password Manager is easy to use, lightweight, has virtually no system impact and is very secure.

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