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December 10, 2019 - KingRoot Studio (Free)
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KingRoot App Apk Filehippo is the best app for rooting an Android mobile within a few seconds. It is the best alternative to Towel root and works on the same basis. For your information, KingRoot doesn’t work perfectly with all kinds of devices as it shows some troubles with MotoG. It is a delicate procedure which needs extra care, otherwise, you can damage your device. Improve the performance of slow down mobiles very easily.


KingRoot app apk Filehippo Features

Main Points before Rooting

  • Rooting will be canceled by the warranty of the device.
  • In case of any damage during rooting the owners will not be responsible.
  • The rooting can unroot later on.

King Root App Apk

Process of KingRoot

You have to follow  some instructions for using KingRoot

  • On default manager open APK file.
  • Go to Setting>Secuirty>Unknown Sources
  • The app will be opened.
  • Here click on the ‘Start root’ button.
  • The compatible device will take a few minutes for rooting. You can check your rooting through downloading Root Checker app from Google Play.

King Root App Security Index

Process of Unrooting

  • Download the SuperSU app.
  • Open the app and click on the setting menu.
  • Swipe down to search the ‘Full unroot’ button. Click it.
  • Wait the device will unroot within few seconds.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Unnecessary apps that slow down the performance of the device can be removed through rooting. Because these bloatware apps already existed in the device consume a big part of the device, exhausted the battery, and bunged the RAM. But you have to handle it with care as removal of any necessary app will damage your device.


KingRoot app apk filehippo also enhances the looks and functionality of your device. The app offers the latest technology with unique and bright themes. Cyanogen Mod is a process with superb features of locking screen gestures, DSP equalizer, CPU overclock as well as underclocking. Paranoid Android helps in UI customization, gesture controls, floating notifications, and multitasking.

Extra Performance of Battery

One thing is important to know the mobile phone works constantly while it is turned off. So the use of the battery is much. You can improve battery life through rooting. KingRoot offers Greenify and Amplify Battery Extenders which help you to extend the battery life.

Ad Blocker

KingRoot works as an ad blocker. This will stop the disturbing ads, pop-ups, as well as notifications and save you from irritation and frustration.

Speed up Performance of Device

KingRoot increases the performance of slow down mobiles. Enjoy a great experience of using a smooth smartphone.

Back up of Apps and Games

You have to use Titanium Backup to restore your data by following these instructions

  • Download and install app Titanium from Google play for root access.
  • Push the Backup/Restore button.
  • Hit on the required apps for backup.
  • Backup apps or data both or one by one too.
  • Select the option of Data Only/AppOnly and hit the button to restore it within a few seconds.

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