Mendeley Desktop For Windows 1.19.6

December 15, 2020 - Mendeley Ltd. (Free)
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Mendeley Desktop is a free reference management software and an academic social network. Manage your research, showcase your work, connect, and collaborate with over five million researchers worldwide. Using this reference manager software, you can save time managing PDFs, instantly share thoughts on papers with colleagues, and automatically back up and sync your files between different computers. Revolutionizing the way you do research! For individual researchers, teams, and groups.

Reference management software

This simple utility enables you to track any research publication you might have made, but also to load files from the computer to your Mendeley account, providing you with 2 GB of online storage space. Documents can also be imported from other popular software tools.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Technical Specification

Software Name Mendeley Desktop V 1.19.6 For Windows
File Size 54.7 MB
Language English
License Free
Developer Mendeley Ltd.

Mendeley Desktop Reference Management Software Benefits

Select a file to view identification info

When adding a file, the program will automatically scan and display the title, author name, and other identification details. This in turn allows other users to work with your material and name you as a reference in their papers.

A lot of resourceful options

Mendeley Desktop functions quite efficiently as a reference manager, enabling you to quote various writers and their work into your research, and use others’ studies as a basis to further your own.

It lets you browse through and draw from over 100 million documents, supporting the free expansion of knowledge across the Mendeley network. You can open countless PDFs in several tabs, and switch between them to compare the information.

Create notes to export and print

It is also possible to make annotations on each file that you can keep for yourself or share with others. In addition, when printing or exporting PDFs, your notes will be transferred as well, so you can use them in your paper.

Put together bibliographies with acknowledgements

Moreover, this utility gives you the possibility to create or join groups of researchers in your field, encouraging collaboration with people all over the world by sharing and exchanging thoughts with like-minded individuals. Plus, bibliographies can be instantly generated and you have the opportunity to create seamless citations to acknowledge other researchers’ work appropriately.

Reference management software

Mendeley Desktop Reference Management Software Features

Quick and simple installation

Once you download the Mendeley for Windows PC reference manager, you can install the Word Plugin in 3 clicks. Hey, presto – you are ready to create your bibliography.

Citation styles for thousands of journals

Quickly search and select your citation style from a rapidly growing community managed database, or create new styles with the new CSL Editor.

Create bibliographies instantly

Cite seamlessly without leaving Word. Format your citations and bibliography according to your chosen style.

Save time navigating PDFs

Open multiple PDFs in separate tabs. Read, take notes, and switch back to your research library instantly.

Annotate and highlight

No more need for hand-written notes, sticky notes, and highlighter pens. You can now annotate, highlight, and add sticky notes directly to your PDFs.

Organized PDFs

Organizing your PDFs doesn’t have to be a chore. Let Mendeley do it for you. Identify recently added papers, add favorites in a click, and store them in multiple folders.

Easily sorted

When you add PDFs, It instantly scans them to identify the author, title, journal, and other information by matching the PDF’s contents with a global research library. It’s like magic.

Comprehensive search

The tool searches across the full-text of your research library and results appear instantly as you type.

Team plans

Team plans allow you to share and collaborate with up to 50 people, create an unlimited number of private groups, and get unlimited group library space. Create your custom plan now.

Share papers and collaborate

Whether you’re a research team, lab, or university class – sharing papers can be a challenge. Simply create public or private groups and start sharing documents instantly.

Secure, synchronized, and accessible

No more risk of losing your PDFs and annotations. It provides you with 2 GB of free online storage to automatically back up and synchronizes your library across desktop, web, and mobile.

Search millions of papers

Search one of the world’s largest crowd-sourced research catalogs. Get related research, refine your search to full-text PDFs, and add papers to your library in one click.

Public groups

Read up on new topics, find ongoing research, follow curated bibliographies, and get involved in discussions in public groups.

Build an online presence

Create an academic profile, upload your papers, and publicize your research. Show the world your professional research profile.

Pros and Cons Of Mendeley Reference Management Software

Pros Cons
Organizes and stores all research in one secure location Synchronization with other libraries can be slow
Quick and easily adaptable citation and bibliography creation Science-based with limited further features for arts or humanities


Q: Is Mendeley safe?

A: Mendeley Data is a secure cloud-based repository where researchers can store data, ensuring it is easy to share, access, and cite, wherever they are. Research data is published with a Force11 compliant citation; it is backed up by DANS (Data Archiving Networking Services) to ensure that it is safely archived.

Q: How do I install the citation plugin?

A: Ensure your word processor is closed before attempting to install the plugin.

  1. Open the software
  2. Open the Tools Menu and select the appropriate option.
  3. The citation tool installs very quickly and will confirm once it finishes.

It will detect which word processor(s) you have installed, so the options available to you may vary.


Mendeley Desktop is the best free reference management software that can prove to be a reliable asset for researchers but also students who want to write their graduation thesis, as it helps them quickly find sources for their work and allows and exchange ideas with other people in a similar situation.

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