Modo 3D Modeling Software 14.2

November 27, 2020 - The foundry (Free)
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Modo is a powerful and flexible 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering toolset that empowers artists to explore and develop ideas without jumping through technical hoops. This tool is your starting point for creative exploration. The Modo for Windows latest series delivers enhanced model-bashing tools and workflows, a VR viewport embedded in the UI, iterative design workflows, and improved animation capabilities.

Discover why leading artists choose the tool for creating real-time content in games and VR, iterating on product design concepts, and bringing bold ideas to life. Customize the program to suit your needs. Explore a range of plug-ins and partner products for 3D content creation that extend your creative possibilities.

3D modeling animation

After a lengthy setup operation, you’re welcomed by a fullscreen window with a dark theme and overall professional appearance, which is likely intimidating to the untrained eye. There are numerous tutorials and a dynamic help manual available, along with sample projects to help you get started.

It offers support for LightWave, Alembic, COLLADA, Autodesk, Adobe Illustrator, VideoScape, SolidWorks, Wavefront, and other types of objects, enabling you to import or export data to these formats.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor Intel processor(s), Core i3 or higher
Memory 4 GB RAM
Storage Space At least 10 GB disk space available for full content installation
Display At least 1280 x 800-pixel resolution
Graphics Card At least 1GB of video memory/driver support for OpenGL 3.2. AMD AI Denoiser requires a minimum of 4 GB of video memory

Technical Specification

Software Name Modo 3D Modeling 14.2v1 For Windows
File Size 1 GB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer The Foundry

3D modeling animation

Modo 3D Modeling and Animation Software Features


Modo 3D Modeling animation software offers a unique combination of best-in-class direct modeling tools working hand-in-hand with a highly robust and flexible procedural modeling system. Additionally, Modo features the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools, integrated sculpting, and retopology functionality.

UV workflows

Take the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a highly efficient built-in toolset that offers many automated options, supports UDIM workflows, and—unlike some other 3D content creation tools—integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows.

3D rendering and animation


Bring your artistic expression to 3D modeling, as you use Modo’s integrated brush-based sculpting tools to intuitively rough out volumes and add multiple levels of fine detail with speed.


Streamline your workflow with fast, flexible layer-based and nodal shading systems for building sophisticated, convincing materials with ease. Drag-and-drop presets let you quickly develop the look you want, or simply select from a huge library of highly realistic physically-based materials.

Modo 3D modeling software


Enjoy photorealistic rendering at amazing speeds and limitless resolutions—even network rendering is free. Modo’s production-proven, physically-based renderer offers a rare blend of speed and quality.


Review textures as you bake and watch them refine progressively. It also allows you to tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render, and it accurately bakes to Unity or Unreal standards with no extra tools required.

Free download Modo


Featuring a non-destructive, non-linear toolset and fully-integrated modular workflow, it’s flexible node-based rigging system lets you easily create, edit, manage, and reuse complex character rigs.


Incorporating traditional animation techniques applied in innovative ways, it’s 3D animation framework is highly customizable to meet the most demanding of production challenges.


Modo’s rule-based, directable particles work together with the fully-integrated rigid and soft bodies, and procedural shattering, to let you create compelling dynamic simulations in less time.

Hair and Fur

This software lets you create and manipulate realistic hair, fur, grass, feathers, and other fiber-based effects as actual geometry that can be sculpted, shaded, and rendered directly in your scene.

Camera and projection tools

It’s advanced tools for virtual camera creation and digital matte painting are perfect for set extensions and product placement shots, while the spherical camera rig lets you work with 360° video.


Segment your work into more manageable parts, avoid repetitive modeling tasks and create repeatable looks with saveable, shareable, reusable assemblies, and presets. Plus, convert a series of procedural modeling operations into a new specialized tool to share with others.

Collaboration and customization

With in-viewport support for Unity, Unreal-compatible PBR materials, and built-in export tools, Modo 3D Modeling delivers a true WYSIWYG asset creation experience for games and VR authoring. Plus, support for a wide range of industry-standard file formats, together with Python and macro scripting, means it’s easy to make Modo work in your pipeline.

The industry’s fastest modeling toolset

With fast direct modeling, flexible procedural modeling, the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean toolset, and built-in sculpting tools all working together, Modo’s modeling moxie is unmatched.

A sandbox for creative exploration

Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with Modo’s intuitive, artist-friendly toolset. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, this tool lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Faster iterations

With its advanced photorealistic viewport and progressive renderer, and WYSIWYG look-dev for Unity and Unreal, Modo 3D Modeling lets you visualize your designs as you develop them, so you can discover their ultimate potential in less time.

A custom fit for your workflow

Build your own kit of specialized tools by combining different operations, with Modo’s flexible tool assembly system. With Modo 3D Modeling is the very job you do becomes easier, as you continually develop new efficiencies.

Out-of-the-box value

It offers to model, sculpting, texturing, painting, and photorealistic rendering in one cohesive, easy-to-use content creation package, with unlimited network rendering capabilities, included.

The perfect fit for your pipeline

Modo 3D Modeling fits right into your pipeline, with Python and C++ APIs; a fully customizable UI; and support for industry-standard formats like OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB, and Alembic.

What’s New in Modo 14.2v1 3D Modeling Animation Software

Modo 14.2 completes this year’s series with even more features and improvements to accelerate your creativity. Enjoy ongoing modeling improvements to Edge Chamfer and significant Boolean performance increases, USD export support, improved topology views, new Vertex Map Editing mesh operations, enhanced Command Regions, and ongoing improvements to mPath, including Cryptomatte support and Stencil mapping.

Pros and Cons Of Modo 3D Modeling Animation Software

Pros Cons
Speedy rendering engine Steep learning curve
Character animation
Bullet physics
Pixar subdivision modeling improves efficiency
Easy manipulation of volumetric objects


Q: Is Modo included in the Collective?

A: Yes. It is included in the Production and Education Collectives. The Education version of Modo is exactly the same as the commercial version so you get all the benefits of our world-class application. If you are a Collective owner and would like to upgrade your Modo license, you can download the latest version at your convenience.

Q: Modo Addons include both kits and plug-ins.

A: Modo kits are productivity-enhancing packages that combine scripts, streamlined UI, plug-ins, learning materials, and content to accelerate certain task-specific workflows.

Its plug-ins generally offer completely new functionality that extends the capabilities of the core technology of Modo. Its plug-ins are usually created by third-party developers who specialize in a particular discipline.


MODO is certainly resourceful when it comes to options and configuration settings for professional 3D animation modelers. It worked smoothly, without hanging, crashing, or displaying error messages. However, if you’re not already accustomed to this kind of software, it’s necessary to arm yourself with a lot of patience to learn everything. Its ease of use and powerful feature set make it one of the best tools for artists and animators.

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