ODrive Cloud Storage 1.0.6791

December 12, 2020 - ODrive (Free)
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ODrive is a simple and unobtrusive Google Drive client that can synchronize the contents of your cloud storage with those of a local directory. If you use Google Drive to backup files to the cloud and access them from various locations, you may wish to try a desktop client that lets you manage your account without a web browser. An official application is available from Google, but there are alternatives out there as well.

Google drive client

ODrive is one of your options, an open-source program that synchronizes your Google Drive folder with a directory on your PC. It is easy to set up and very unobtrusive, but it lacks advanced features.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Technical Specification

Software Name ODrive V 1.0.6791 For Windows
File Size 76.7 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Open Source
Developer ODrive

Google drive client

ODrive Google Drive Client Features

Universal sync folder

Sync everything in Odrive to a unified Odrive folder on your computer. You don’t have to sign in and out of multiple systems. Backup software doesn’t have to upload or download files. Backup software doesn’t ever have to figure out which files are old or new. The current version of every file from every place is natively available on your computer.

  • Sync cloud storage: Every cloud storage system is different and proprietary. There is no standard. From personal cloud storage apps to infrastructure utility storage to hybrid cloud storage systems, sync automatically handles all the differences to give you a standard interface to all cloud storage.
  • Sync apps: Get the files you are sharing on apps, and the files shared with you on apps. Whether it is a social network app or a group collaboration app, sync lets you turn apps into easily accessible folders.
  • Sync multiple accounts: Consolidate multiple accounts from the same service. Sync your personal, work, and project accounts to one place for easy access.
  • Native desktop access: Sync is part of the desktop. Instead of a separate user interface, sync works with your native file manager. Using a sync folder is like using a standard folder, you just use the file manager to browse, open, and reorganize data.
  • File badge: Files have real-time badges indicating their sync status. Pink means it is synchronizing, and blue means it is in sync. If there are no badges, the file is waiting to sync.
  • System icon: Access the Backup software system icon to see real-time sync status, transfer status, and configuration options.
  • Never run out of disk space: When you no longer need a file or folder, reclaim the disk space by turning them back into placeholders. Right-click the file or folder to unsync. Backup software would make sure the content is safely in the cloud and replace the local file with a placeholder.
  • Placeholder files: Placeholder files (.cloud) and folders (.cloudf) are empty stubs that represent actual content in the cloud. They automatically turn into real files when you need them. Using placeholders allows you to see all the files and folders in the cloud without downloading them to your computer.

Auto download limit

By default, when you double-click a placeholder folder, we open the folder and begin downloading all of the files in it. Don’t want to download everything? Decide when to use placeholders by setting the auto-download limit. You can always use placeholders, only use placeholders for larger files, or never use placeholders and download everything.

  • Auto unsync files: For maximum disk efficiency, you can automatically unsync old files. You can set the auto unsync rule on the system icon menu. You can unsync files by age. Age is determined by the last time we synchronized the files.
  • Bulk downloading: Download all files on demand. You can filter by file size and optionally include all sub folders.
  • Sync any folder: Backup software can actively synchronize any folder on your computer with any folder in odrive. A custom sync folder works like the odrive folder. Changes automatically synchronize in both directions. Badges and placeholder files are both supported.

Get more done

PRO lets you efficiently incorporate cloud storage into your daily workflows. It gives you the ability to sync any folder on your computer with any folder in Backup software. Use it to backup files, automatically share files with coworkers, and import files into the cloud with just a few clicks. PRO helps you do more with less effort.

  • Sync external storage: The google drive client can sync folders on USB drives and network file servers. The external storage can freely connect and disconnect. The folder will automatically sync when it’s connected. PRO lets you work with all your storage.
  • Setup automatic backup: Sync folders work automatically. New files and changes save to the cloud automatically. To protect a folder, just sync it with a location in ODrive. You can backup files to one or more cloud storage providers.
  • Migrate legacy storage: Backup software can use Sync to migrate all your legacy storage into the cloud. A sync folder will copy the entire local folder into the cloud. It can be a few files or terabytes of data. Sync will keep working until all files are in sync. You can even make new changes during migration. Once your files are in the cloud, use “UNSYNC” to delete the copy from legacy storage.
  • Zero data loss: The sync engine is reliable by design. The underlying algorithm came from nine generations of research and design. The engine is precise. It will never accidentally delete your data.
  • Conflict handling: Sync detects and handles any file conflicts. The second file will be renamed to a conflict file for you to sort out. The second file will never get accidentally overwritten.
  • Delete recovery: Sync puts deleted files in the trash pending your confirmation. Sync can not delete the source files without your explicit permission. You can empty the trash to finalize the deletes or recover any accidentally deleted files from the trash.

cloud backup

Recycle bin

As an extra measure of protection, sync moves deleted files into your recycle bin. The sync engine cannot permanently delete any file.

High performance

The sync engine is fast by design. The system contains a multitude of targeted performance optimizations.

Direct connections

Sync communicates directly with storage. Backup software doesn’t need to proxy connections through ODrive servers. Sync always takes the shortest path possible. For example, if you are connecting to a company storage system at work, you can sync at local network speeds instead of making a round trip over the internet.

Parallel transfers

The most time-intensive part of sync is transferring files. Whenever possible, file uploads and downloads are processed in parallel using a scaling algorithm to manage throughput. Uploads will ramp up to 75% of available bandwidth while downloads are unlimited.

Change detection

As soon as you save a file, the sync will detect the change and begin processing. Sync is designed to reconcile changes as fast as possible.

Delta change detection

Sync uses source delta events whenever possible. For supported sources, storage changes begin to sync within 15 seconds.

Move detection

Sync detects folder moves. Backup software can sync folder moves in one operation versus processing all the constituent files individually.

Merging detection

Sync can see when new files already exist. It can merge files and folder instead of making unnecessary transfers or creating conflict files.

Safeguard your data

The encryption add-on lets you create encryption folders using any storage linked to your odrive. You can turn vanilla storage into strongly encrypted, secure cloud storage.

Effortless encryption

Encryption folders live on your computer. They work exactly like other sync folders except everything is automatically encrypted before data leave your computer. The cloud-only sees and stores your encrypted information. You can easily protect your privacy without sacrificing convenience.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Encrypted data is only as secure as the keys used to encrypt them. Anyone with your encryption keys can decrypt and read your files. For true privacy protection, no one can have any knowledge of your keys.

The encryption add-on uses your secret passphrase to encrypt your files. Backup software has zero-knowledge of your secret passphrase. Only you know the secret passphrase. Only you can decrypt your data. The encryption add-on lets you stay in complete control of your privacy.

Sync your peeps

Share storage to create common, synchronized folders with anyone. Everyone you invite will see the same files and folders. And any new files or file updates automatically synchronize with everyone.

Create web links to anything

You can create a web link for anything in Backup software and share it with anyone. You can share a file or a folder. You can share small or large files. You can share web links to anything.

Share picture galleries

Share entire photo folders and albums. The gallery view makes sharing and browsing large picture collections quick and painless.

Do it securely

The google drive client can maintain full control of everything you share. All your web links are in one place. You can see how many times the files are accessed, and you can stop sharing anytime.

Set expiration dates

Automatically limit sharing by setting expiration dates on web links. You can set it and forget it. When a web link expires, it becomes inaccessible.

Set sharing passwords

Securely share confidential information with password-protected weblinks. You choose the password and who gets it. Someone can access a secure web link if they have the correct password.

Pros and Cons Of ODrive Google Drive Client

Pros Cons
The huge amount of cloud services supported Sharing services aren’t as robust as they could be
Free for up to five synced accounts Requires subscription plan for syncing more than five accounts
Impressively strong security protocol The web interface could use some work


If you prefer not to use the official Google Drive desktop application, ODrive is definitely worth a try. It is light on features, but it can be set up in no time at all, and the fact that it is open-source is certainly a plus. If all you need is a simple way to synchronize the contents of a local directory and your cloud storage, go ahead and give it a go.

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