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April 25, 2020 - Pandora (Free)
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Pandora is your one-stop destination for tuning in to the hundreds of free radio stations, with an ad-free and on-demand approach for discovering new music. Developed at a rapid pace over the last two decades, this service managed to expand to serve over 70 million monthly users across the world and gather around 70% of streaming radio share in 2014. Since then, Pandora evolved more, expanded out of the United States to cover more international locations, introduced their own in-app voice assistant, and in early 2019 brought to life a brand-new Pandora Stories service that is aimed to be an innovative new marketing tool for artists.

With the app, anyone can easily stream hundreds of radio stations dedicated to every imaginable genre of music, create their own personalized music playlists, easily control their listening experience, and discover new songs and artists with ease.

For users who want the ultimate experience in listening to streaming music, It offers two premium tiers of use, the Premium which unlocks ad-free listening, personalized playlists, unlimited skips, and advanced sharing tools, while Pandora Plus introduces more ad-free stations, creation of personalized stations and more.


Pandora Music & Radio on Windows Pc

A neat and modern way of listening to music

The store app which makes it easier to access the preferred stations will also work only if it is deployed in one of the above-mentioned regions of the world.

Through a nice and easy to use interface, the AIR-based application allows anyone to look for their favorite music tracks, play the available stations, and even bookmark songs.

The sound of the audio stream is faultless if the ‘High Quality’ mode is selected, but the ‘Normal Quality’ is also much better than in the case of other similar services.

Access music stations from all around the world

A nice treat that Pandora offers its users is the ability to create up to 100 stations, each with different tracks, so as to cover all the musical preferences of everyone.

The way in which the selection works is quite unique because starting from a single artist or melody an impressive number of similar tunes will be proposed by the system.

Each time you perform a query, Pandora will look into its huge music database, which amasses songs from all over the world, to provide you with the most closely resembling tracks.

In case you feel that the search engine could do better, you will be able to make it fine-tune the lookup methods.

Listen to all your favorite tunes without ever touching an Internet browser

All things considered, Pandora desktop client is indeed a great helper for those lucky enough to have access to this service.

By using it, it is no longer necessary to open the system Internet browser and navigate to the website. Simply log into the account, search and play the radio stations from a friendly interface.

It is important to note that this app is available only in the English language, Those living in the United States, in Australia and New Zealand are privileged enough to have access to one of the best providers, namely Pandora media. but since it features such a streamlined interface, it can easily be used by anyone.

Features and Highlights

  • Your one destination for streaming radio, music, and song discovery.
  • Hundreds of radio stations.
  • Large library of artists.
  • Support for personalized playlists.
  • Streamlined interface.
  • FREE tier of use!
  • Two optional premium tiers of service.

Pandora Genres

  • New Music (40 Stations)
  • Pop (41 Stations)
  • Hip Hop & Rap (71 Stations)
  • R&B (36 Stations)
  • Country (72 Stations)
  • Rock (76 Stations)
  • Metal (25 Stations)
  • Alternative (33 Stations)
  • Indie (47 Stations)
  • Christian and Gospel (52 Stations)
  • Family (26 Stations)
  • Pandora Local (34 Stations)
  • Oldies (22 Stations)
  • Comedy (52 Stations)
  • K-Pop (9 Stations)
  • Classical (26 Stations)
  • Jazz (30 Stations)
  • Blues (18 Stations)
  • Soul & Funk & Disco (25 Stations)
  • Folk & Singer-Songwriters (30 Stations)
  • Easy Listening (18 Stations)
  • New Age (14 Stations)
  • African (27 Stations)
  • Reggae (53 Stations)
  • World (72 Stations)
  • Women in Music (24 Stations)
  • Soundtracks, TV & Showtunes (13 Stations)
  • Latin (9 Categories)
  • Dance & Electronic (6 Categories)



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