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February 27, 2020 - Psiphon Inc (Free)
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Psiphon is providing access to uncensored internet content on your windows pc or android mobile phone. It provides the freedom to access restricted websites and online services on the internet without any type of problem/bans. It is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy technologies to access blocked websites or content online. Psiphon 3 download also provides you with an extra layer of protection when using public Wi-Fi services or other networks that could not be trustful.

It will automatically learn about new access points to maximize your chances of bypassing censorship. It does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

Psiphon Features

Censored by your country, corporation, or campus?

After dealing with repressive regimes around the world, It is uniquely suited to help you get to the content you want, whenever and wherever you want it.

Want to surf securely when using public WiFi?

Free internet is nice, but stolen cookies and accounts are not. It gives you a safe path to the Internet, no matter what network you’re using to connect.

Trust, Speed, Simplicity: pick three

Since 2008, It has helped millions of people in freedom-restricted countries around the world safely access censored knowledge and ideas. Now it can do the same for you.

The utility acts as an anti-censorship tool

After a quick setup, you come face to face with a user-friendly and well-organized GUI that should not pose any issues regardless of your experience with configuring VPN services. In fact, you can easily connect by specifying the server that you want to connect to. Generally speaking, opting for the closest country usually provides the best results speed-wise.

The program relies on multiple protocols and transport system to enable you to navigate the Internet securely and in anonymity. Therefore, in case you cannot connect via a certain specification, you can employ an alternative mechanism – SSH or SSH+ – to bypass the censor and access the content.

The VPN client proxies your Internet traffic

The strong point of the application stems from the fact that it allows you to hide traffic by establishing a connection in VPN mode. In other words, if you switch to the virtual private network mode, then the applications using local SOCKS or HTTP protocols are redirected through the Psiphon network.

You should know that the port numbers for these connections are selected randomly and automatically. However, if you want to use your own port numbers, you can make the modifications by defining the connection’s details in the Settings window.

On a side note, some users have pointed out that they noticed their connection becoming slower whenever they enable the VPN client. It is necessary to mention that the L2TP/IPSec protocol may experience performance problems and can be incompatible with certain networking hardware and Internet connections.

Verify Your Psiphon 3 Download is Authentic?

Psiphon for Windows is never distributed as an installable package. Each Psiphon client is a single executable file (“.exe”). Windows automatically checks this signature when you run the client. You can also manually inspect the signature before running the client by invoking the Properties dialog for the file and inspecting the Digital Signatures tab. The SHA1 thumbprint for the Psiphon Inc. certificate public key is displayed in the Certificate dialog Details tab.


For the certificate valid for the period 2017-07-05 to 2020-10-03 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

89 fd cd 09 65 f4 dd 89 2b 25 7c 04 d5 b4 14 c7 ac 2b 5f 56

For the certificate valid for the period 2014-05-08 to 2017-09-06 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

9b a0 bd 1c e4 ca f6 20 41 0d 46 47 ae 40 b0 7c 83 c7 31 99

For the certificate valid for the period 2012-05-21 to 2014-07-30 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

84 c5 13 5b 13 d1 53 96 7e 88 c9 13 86 0e 83 ee ef 48 8e 91

For the certificate valid for the period 2011-06-16 to 2012-06-21 the SHA1 thumbprint is:

8f b7 ef bd 20 a9 20 3a 38 37 08 a2 1e 0a 1d 2e ad 7b ee 6d

Psiphon VPN auto-updates itself and this process automatically verifies that each update is authentic.

Psiphon 3 download for Windows

You should first verify that your copy of the Psiphon 3 is authentic.

Download Psiphon the client program and run it. When you run it, you should see a security prompt.

click on run in psiphon 3 download

It automatically starts connecting when you run it. While it is connecting, a spinning icon is displayed. You may select one of the following tunnel modes: VPN (L2TP over IPsec), SSH, or SSH+ (SSH plus obfuscation, a randomized layer on top of SSH to avoid protocol fingerprinting).

select tunnel modes in psiphon 3 download

Connection to the Psiphon server is established when the green icon is displayed. In VPN mode, all of your traffic automatically tunnels through this software.

In SSH and SSH+ modes, this software automatically sets the Windows system proxy settings, so network traffic for applications that respect these settings will be tunneled through it. These settings are respected by default by all major web browsers.

Furthermore, SSH and SSH+ modes, It offers a split tunnel option where international traffic is tunneled through the proxy and domestic traffic is not. Check the “Don’t proxy domestic web sites” option to enable split tunneling. When this option is on, unproxied domains are reported in the message area.

Tick mark on Donot proxy domestic web sites in psiphon 3 download

When you close the program, It automatically disconnects. You can also click on the icon to toggle the connection.

Pros and Cons

Easy to download Not a privacy tool
No email address required for use Must use a reliable internet connection
Open source code to increase transparency

Psiphon 3 download: Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can your ISP see what you are doing on the Internet while you are using Psiphon for windows?

All data that goes through Psiphon is encrypted. This means that your ISP cannot see the content of your Internet traffic: web pages you browse, your chat messages, your uploads, etc.

However, please keep in mind that Psiphon is designed to be a censorship circumvention tool, and is not specifically designed for anti-surveillance purposes. Psiphon does not prevent your browsing history and cookies from being stored on your computer. And in some modes and configurations, all of your Internet traffic might not be tunneled through Psiphon — for example if your browser’s proxy settings are misconfigured, or if you leave your browser open after exiting Psiphon.

2. Why does your Psiphon IP address frequently change?

Your Psiphon client will automatically discover new Psiphon servers. When the last server used is currently unavailable, another one can be used instead.

3. Does this software proxy all of your Internet traffic?

Only in VPN mode. After a successful connection is established in VPN mode, your entire computer’s traffic will pass through the Psiphon network. When VPN mode is not enabled only applications that use the local HTTP and SOCKS proxies will be proxied.

4. Does Psiphon Browser for iOS proxy all of your device’s Internet traffic?

Psiphon Browser for iOS is a browser-only application and so will only tunnel data that is loaded in the app itself and will not tunnel your other apps (like your Facebook or Twitter apps) through the Psiphon network. So, for example, if you wanted to use the Psiphon network to access your Facebook account, you would use Psiphon Browser to go to the Facebook website. If you were to open your Facebook app, it would use your direct internet connection, and would not be tunneled through the Psiphon network.

5. What protocol does the default Psiphon tunnel use?

Psiphon uses SSH with the addition of an obfuscation layer on top of the SSH handshake to defend against protocol fingerprinting.

6. What VPN protocol is used by this software? Why can’t you connect?

Psiphon uses the L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol.

7. After using this software your computer can no longer connect to the Internet.

When Psiphon for Windows connects it modifies your computer’s proxy settings, and when it disconnects it restores them to their original state. If it does not exit properly, it may not properly restore the original proxy settings, and this will result in you being unable to connect to the Internet.

The easiest way to fix this for most people is to connect with Psiphon again, and then cleanly disconnect.

To manually fix your proxy settings, open Internet Explorer, then go to the Tools menu (or the gear icon), Internet Options → Connections tab → LAN Settings button. Then remove the checkmark beside “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

click on LAN Settings and remove checkmark beside Use a proxy server for your LAN

System Requirement

Operating system Windows 7/8/10
RAM 256 MB
Hard Disk 20 MB

Technical Specification

Title Psiphon 3 Build 152 for Windows
File size 7.1 MB
License free
Language English
Available Language multiple languages
Author Psiphon Inc.

Free and safe Psiphon 3 download to access online websites and content without censor. It grants users free access internet when information controls and limitations are arbitrarily imposed within any given country. It will encrypt all data so that your ISP cannot see the content of your Internet traffic like which web pages you browse, your chat messages and your uploads, etc.

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