Realtek HD Audio Manager R2.82

November 27, 2020 - Realtek (Free)
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Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the most widely available sound card driver applications, dedicated to provide users with the tool sound chips on their motherboard with the most accurate sound quality, access to all features of the onboard hardware, resolve compatibility issues that may be present with basic Windows drivers, fix various errors that may appear during the throughout the product’s usage, and add support for new operating systems.

Realtek hd audio manager

This driver package comes with the support for all the major sound codecs, giving your PC support to process audio, playback multimedia, record audio, manage speakers, and more.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
Processor Pentium 4 and higher
Memory 512 MB RAM
Storage Space 200 MB Free disk space

Technical Specification

Software Name Realtek HD Audio Manager V R2.82 Software
File Size 252 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Realtek

What is the audio driver?

Audio drivers are those drivers that are required to connect with specific bits of PC Sound equipment. It is a lot of little projects which are significant for its chipset. Also, you know, each Sound card who needs physically introduced drivers to work, primarily accompanies a drivers CD or DVD when you purchase another card for your PC.

Realtek hd audio manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager Features

In addition to providing deep driver support, the tool features an excellent user-accessible utility for managing your sound card capabilities. Its streamlined UI can be used to manage sound inputs, re-assign audio ports to any of the preferred inputs/outputs, flexible mixing, fine grain coordinating functions, and setting up of the sound stage (headphones, stereo, surround, with dB gain and distance settings). The audio manager can also be used to set up 3D sound rendering and speech synthesis.

Options for audio input (microphone) are also fully featured, including an equalizer, noise suppression, beam formation, and Acoustic Echo Cancelation.

Users on laptops can also take advantage of the Power Management feature that can be accessed via a little battery icon in the bottom corner of the HD Audio software window. In it, you can disable various power-draining audio features when your laptop is running on battery power.

Wonderful Audio

Simply compatible with Windows Vista, and Windows 7 PC, the driver helps you to listen to an audio as well as change data into audio sounds for playing audio from speakers superficially.

Control Windows Device Manager

While controlling the Windows Device Manager just tap the start button to access the Start Menu. In the menu type ‘device manager’ and press the enter button. It will take you towards the Realtek HD Audio Drivers program.

Tricky Software

The program uses some tricks to enables you to listen to audio in HD with different bands of software equalizer and tools.

Realtek hd audio manager


Realtek HD Audio Drivers forms a part of your computer’s central operating system as it receives the signals from a program – like a web browser or media player – and formats it to a code that a speaker can understand. It also involves the sound car into facilitating the process of sending audio from your computer to the speaker. This is why an audio driver is essential as your computer will not be able to recognize a speaker on its own.

This desktop program is also a good alternative to generic motherboard sound drivers and sound card drivers. These two drivers are often found in CD or DVD format, making it inaccessible to computers without a disk drive. With this Audio Drivers x64, your computer will feature the same system stability and basic functionality of your motherboard’s built-in sound system. It will also be able to interact with other audio-related components you have installed on your PC.

Installation Process for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

  1. To install Realtek Audio Drivers run the .exe program
  2. In case of screen resolution between 1024*768 click on ‘Yes’ for carrying on installation. And if the message of ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of the driver’ then press ‘install the driver anywhere’ for continuing installation
  3. Lastly, restart the operating system and click on the ‘Finish’ button and the drivers are successfully installed

Update Drivers Procedure

  1. To delete the original driver run setup .exe program
  2. Tap the ‘Next’ button and delete the official driver
  3. Reboot your system
  4. As soon as the system restart, the driver will be installed automatically

Deleting of Drivers

  1. Open start menu> setting>control panel
  2. Select icon of programs>features
  3. Select Realtek High Definition Audio for PC Drivers and tap on the ‘Uninstall’ button and click on ‘yes’
  4. Click on ‘Finish’ the uninstallation procedure and restart the system

Pros and Cons Of Realtek HD Audio Manager

Pros Cons
Comes with an Audio Manager menu Limited compatibility
Can set up different audio devices Bland-looking menu
Improves sound quality

FAQ About Realtek HD Audio Manager

Q: How do I use Realtek audio?

  1. Double-click the Realtek HD Audio Manager system tray icon.
  2. Click the small folder icon.
  3. Check that the ‘Disable front panel jack detection’ box is cleared.
  4. Now insert the jack plug of either a microphone or headphone into the corresponding front panel socket of your computer.

Q: How do I change my Realtek audio settings?

  1. Double click the Realtek Audio Manager from the icon tray (bottom right corner)
  2. Click Device advanced settings from the top right corner
  3. Check the option Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously from the Playback Device section
  4. Click Ok


Realtek HD audio manager drivers free for download that helps the users to maintain the sound balance on their PC. So this software is strongly recommended to use it. It is a reliable and smooth audio solution for your PC to flexibly mixing, mutes, and skillfully handles the functions.

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