Spark Instant Messanger For PC 2.9.3

December 10, 2020 - Ignite realtime (Free)
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Spark is a JAVA based open-source, cross-platform Instant messaging software for PC. It provides a new way of getting connected with one another. It is ideal for busy users and small businesses. It features built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. This is capable of organizing all your emails and even allows you to set priorities so that you only see the most important emails first.

It is a full-featured Instant messaging for business and group chat client that uses the XMPP protocol. Its source code is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which can be found in the LICENSE.html file in this distribution. The app also contains Open Source software from third-parties. Licensing terms for those components are specifically noted in the relevant source files.

instant messaging software

It has all the necessity that is required to help you make communication better. The telephony integration is particularly very interesting as it gives you the response in real-time with a very minimal delay time between the sender and the receiver. All other features will open up to you as you continue to use it.

Although optimized for businesses and organizations, Spark is more like a decent application supposed to provide chatting capabilities to users who’re tired of the popular Instant messaging software available these days on the Internet.

In the conversation window provided, you cannot simply chat. Still, you can send files, take screenshots, manage the logs of discussion, and send the invitation to groups.

System Requirements

Required Software Java

Technical Specification

Software Name Spark Messaging App For Windows V 2.9.3
File Size 93.7 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Ignite realtime

instant messaging software

Spark Instant Messaging Software Features

  • Group Chat: It offers a great end-user experience with features like in-line spell checking, group chat room bookmarks, and tabbed conversations.
  • Support Avatars and emoticons: It supports avatars and emoticons, as well as user-defined colors, but you may spend some time in the impressively rich settings menu to change all these options.
  • Chat Window: The chat window looks just like a typical one. There are a few options though, such as to view more information on the user you’re talking to, send files, take a screenshot and send it automatically, view logs or invite them to conference.
  • Spell checker: There’s a spell checker as well, plus some sort of ‘Buzz’ tool that requests the user’s attention whenever you want to talk to them.

Conversations can be grouped in tabs, so it’s easy to keep things organized on your screen, even when chatting to multiple users at the same time.

Getting back to the settings menu, it comprises options regarding basically everything about Spark, including group chat, media, privacy, login, file transfers, sounds, appearance, notifications, and taskbar flashing.

Pros and Cons Of Spark Instant Messaging Software

Pros Cons
Spark makes it easy to categorize specific emails based on the topic or their importance There is no default format available when composing emails
There is no charge to download this email package Settings are imported across multiple devices so some features may not be appropriate for mobile phones
Has full email and instant messaging capabilities Boring design that is useful but dull
Syncs with your phone and gives you push notifications for critical emails Though rare, some of your custom groups may disappear


Q: How do I delete spark chat history?

A: Open chat window with that user, right-click in the messages area, and select Clear. Then press Yes to confirm that you want permanently delete conversation history with that contact.

Q: What protocol is used for instant messaging?

A: Two of the main protocols used for instant messaging in the market today are WebSocket and XMPP.

Q: How do I use spark instant messenger?
A: Spark IM setup guide

  1. Download Spark from the Spark IM Website.
  2. Install and launch the app on your computer.
  3. Enter your Olark Username in the top field, your password in the middle field, and “” for the domain.
  4. Hit enter and then you will be logged into it! Happy Chatting!


Spark is a decent Instant messaging apps, it comes with the basic options one would expect from such a tool and is quite easy to use. It takes little time to get used to what it has to offer and it might just be a suitable replacement for more popular apps of its kind.


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