Toggl Time Tracking App For PC 7.5.295

December 7, 2020 - Toggl Team (Free)
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Toggl is a Cloud-based Free Time Tracking Tool. It is a small desktop application that will help you to track your employee and productivity time more conveniently. Users can use this tool when they need and it is quickly accessible. It works seamlessly with the web version of Toggl, syncing data on the fly. It is a powerful tool with a simple one-click interface which can be a useful way to measure many workers at once. With a large number of similar apps, it is one of the best. Managers can utilize the Plan module to gain a visual overview of business operations, track deadlines, and monitor task progress on a unified interface.

Free Time Tracking Tool

Track all of your time (& your staff’s time) and see where it’s going.

– Marley Majcher

Users start the software to track their actions, time spent on tasks, and other data about their working time. This data is automatically shared with others using this app, it means employers can then access graphs and data showing exactly what their workforce is doing and pay accordingly.

Toggl Free Time Tracking Tool facilitates integration with calendar applications, enabling employees to directly convert various events into time entries. With this tool Hire, HR teams can hire new candidates by automatically scanning resumes and organizing online screening tests. It allows teams to manually add or update work hours after the completion of the task. It also provides a data synchronization capability, which lets employees automatically update data across all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops in real-time.

Free Time Tracking Tool

Toggl Track offers an API, which lets businesses integrate the system with several third-party platforms such as Basecamp, Drupal, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, and more. The application also provides a reporting module for businesses to generate daily, weekly or monthly reports and gain insights into employees’s activities.

Tracking time with the desktop agent is as simple as it could possibly be. Just fill in the details of the job you’re doing and click on the green “Start” button to start the timer. If you start the timer first and wish to add the details later, just click on the timer and a window appears where you’re able to edit the description, start/stop times and the project. You are also able to add tags and decide whether the entry is marked as “Billable” or not.

Free Time Tracking Tool


Main Features Of Toggl Free Time Tracking Tool

  • One-Click Timers: Track time across the web app, desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension – with one click! All your entries will sync automatically.
  • Background Tracking: Auto-track every application or website you use for more than 10 seconds with this Timeline feature – then turn that data into time entries.
  • Calendar Integration: Turn your calendar events into time entries with just one tap on Toggl’s mobile apps and really see where your time goes!
  • Autotracker: For the forgetful among us, set up Toggl Track to trigger time entry suggestions based on the software you’re currently using.
  • Color code your projects: It makes time-usage graphs colorful and adds spice to time tracking.

Other Features

  • Time audits
  • Billable rates
  • Locking time entries
  • Exporting reports to xls
  • Rounding time
  • Projects time estimates and alerts for estimates
  • Tasks (subprojects)
  • Project dashboard
  • Adding time for team members
  • Integrations with Google Calendar

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP
Architechture x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
Touch Integrated Touch

Technical Specifications

Software Name Toggl Time Tracking Tool For Windows V 7.5.295
File Size 5.56 MB
Language English
Available Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Toggl Team

Toggl Free Time Tracking Tool Advantages

  • Lightweight application : This program can be installed on your PC in an effortless manner, regardless of your computer operating skills, since it does not require any special configuration. It features a stylish, minimalistic user interface that incorporates straightforward functions, thus providing you with high accessibility. This software also packs a standard configuration menu that can be accessed by clicking the gear-shaped button and choosing the appropriate option from the newly opened menu.
  • Track your activities effortlessly, by using either manual or timer modes: It allows you to organize your schedule better by allowing you to track the time spent on various activities and keeping records for every entry. This software is possible to access an overview of your activities directly from the main window. Tracking your project time can be done in two ways are you can type in the details of the task manually or you can set a timer when you start working and stop it whenever you finish your job.

Toggl Free Time Tracking Tool Disadvantages

  • Does not support pausing and resuming activity entries: Unfortunately, this application does not provide support for pausing and resuming the same activity entry. If you want to resume a task, the application creates an entry with the same name and does not update the time spent on the task you have selected.

To wrap it up, Toggl Desktop is a lightweight application that allows you to track how much time you spend performing various activities. It comes with a stylish, minimalistic user interface, intuitive controls, and a standard configuration menu that allows you to customize your overall experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free download Lack of advanced features
Simple to use No minimized function

FAQ’s About Toggl

Q: Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

A: Keyboard shortcuts can be used on the web app and on your Desktop app.

Shortcut list:

  • S = stops the current running time entry.
  • N = switches to the timer mode to create a new time entry & starts the timer.
  • M = switches to manual mode to create a new time entry.
  • C = continues the last time entry.

For desktop apps, use Ctrl before the shortcuts for Windows and Cmd for Mac. Here are some available keyboard shortcuts for desktop apps:

  • N = Creates a new time entry.
  • D = Switches app between Manual and Timer mode.

Q: Can Toggl Track work offline?

A: Yes, parts of the Toggl Track web app can work offline (for a limited time). Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Offline mode will be automatically enabled whenever you’re not connected to the internet.
  • Offline mode entries will have a warning icon with an exclamation mark in front of them in List-view. This signifies they have not been synced to our servers yet as they were created offline.
  • All data you create or update offline will be synced with our servers once your connection is restored.
  • Offline mode is only available for time tracking. In other words, it only works on the Timer page. Reports, Project management, Profile settings, etc. are not available offline.


Toggl is surely an excellent choice for anyone. It is Open Source, free, with a beautiful GUI, and a lightweight touch tool. This free Time tracking app is an incredibly effective way to manage employees, increase productivity, and identify inefficiencies in the business. It is also a good tool for freelancers that they need to ensure that are utilizing their time effectively and create accurate invoices for clients.

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