YO Whatsapp Plus Latest Version 2020 6.2

June 6, 2020 - (Free)
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YO Whatsapp Plus is an alternative of Whatsapp which comes with advanced features and protection. This app, you can have essential privacy options like hiding blue ticks, second ticks, and typing status as well. Apart from it, you can download this app for free. Yes, you can theme your WhatsApp as well, and with the privacy features, you can block the contacts also.

Yo whatsapp plus 2020

This app is full of the new design, several animations, and various features that you can enjoy. Developers keep adding new features and latest modifications and much more. If you want other people who can’t see your last seen, then you have to download Whatsapp for Mac with latest version. If you are unhappy with the dull green color of the WhatsApp then try Yo WhatsApp 2020 to get something new and colorful. It has an amazing feature, the users love this app.

Contact page of Yo whatsapp plus

Feature Of YO Whatsapp Plus

  • You can change the Whatsapps icon and set its notifications settings too.
  • You can set a group name instead of 35 characters
  • You can put characters of 255 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • You can send images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 images.
  • You can easily run it on your Android device and you don’t have to root your device. There are a lot of things that you can do with this mod. You can hide you’re last seen, Hide Second tick, Hide Blue Tick, etc.
  • Open this application on your mobile.
  • Scan the QR Code on the YO Whatsapp Plus screen from the other phone.

Other Features

  • Support each mobile (All devices).
  • password Lock and Landscape Portrait Mode Reinforced Hindi.
  • parallel two accounts & Messenger like feature saver.
  • Quicker load (Cache support).
  • 110% Zoomed to get more awareness.

How To Install YO Whatsapp Plus?

  1. Go to settings-> security and check Unknown Sources.
  2. Once you got your APK, follow the next instructions.

There is another way to download YOwhats + apps APK. A torrent is a good option but to use it, you have to be regular on it. It is not recommended for beginners to try this as they will get confused in the torrent world and will end in giving up on downloading this game. So it is better for you to follow these above instructions if you don’t know, how to download a file from a torrent site.

  • After installation, check the menu for YO whats plus app. Enjoy.
  • Go to the Download folder and here you will find YO whats plus apps APK.
  • Click on it and then click on the install button.

How to Install YO Whatsapp Plus Latest Version?

1st Step

In the first step, you go to WhatsApp and generate a backup of your conversations from Settings. If you want to keep them your data once you have installed this modified application.

 2nd Step

Then goes to the Settings of your phone, and from Applications, you have to uninstall the official WhatsApp app. Otherwise, it would not let you install YO Whatsapp Plus latest version 2020 because the system will detect it as a duplicate app since it is base on the same source code.

3rd Step

Then, you have to download the APK of YO WhatsApp. You can do so from its datasheet at YO WhatsApp by clicking on the green button download. To be able to have that APK, you will previously need to go to the Settings and assist the download of apps from Unknown Sources in your Security options.

4th Step

Once you downloaded this app, open it from the notices tray or retrieving your download folder through a file explorer. Just open its icon to launch the installation process.

5th Step

When your installation has completed, you will open the app and insert your number and when your number approved as a user of this service.

YO Whatsapp Plus 2020 Mods

It is a provider that provides this mod. You can download it from his site.

There are 3 modes of  YO Whatsapp Plus:

  • Conversation Screen mod
  • Home Screen mod
  • Universal Mod

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it safe to use YO Whatsapp Plus 2020?

Ans: Yes, it is very safe to use it.

2. How can I update YO WhatsApp Plus?

  •  go to yo-WhatsApp to check whether there’s a new version of the app
  •  now go to yo-WhatsApp and backup all the chats and update
  • then go to setting menu and uninstall your app from the application manager

3. Is it safe to use YO WhatsApp Plus?

Ans: Yo-WhatsApp is a safe app. You have not conscious of any problem that could prove otherwise. With time there is no news about this app containing any anti various to breach of user privacy. In this app, your data is secure, but it doesn’t mean that we are 100 % secure.

4. Why Your WhatsApp is banned?

Ans: Whatsapp considers you are a spammer and it bans your account for the privacy of the user. Whatsapp sends you a code on your number and confirms the code. If you don’t provide the correct code, this app banned your account. If people report your account through a message, then WhatsApp bans your account number permanently.

System Requirements

  • You must have an android phone.
  • You must uninstall the official WhatsApp for installing the Yo WhatsApp Plus.
  • You must have an internet connection.
  • You must have a little brain to understand the steps.
  • You must have the downloaded App.

Technical Specification

Software Name YO Whatsapp Plus V 6.2 for Android
File Size 3.2 MB
License Free
Language English

YO Whatsapp Plus comes with some extra features and functionality like the user’s privacy or the interface’s customization. It will provide the facility to set the visibility of your status and also included special locking mode by means of a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. It will make the user experience more comfortable and pleasant.

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