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October 9, 2019 - (Free)
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Driver Booster Filehippo is an Iobit’s app, which scans and updates all your drivers in the PC. Actually, Up-to-date drivers are a must-have for efficient and stable work of the computer operating system. Because of so many devices connected to computers every day, it is easy to miss important updates or postpone them until we forget altogether.

Driver Booster is an ideal software for those who want to fix this problem once and for all. In the basic version, the database contains around 2,500,000+ device drivers, while the PRO version extends to less popular, more niche devices. The program, in its basic operation, scans your system and detects outdated drivers and then automatically downloads and installs important updates. What’s more, Driver Booster allows for cyclic system scans to find outdated drivers and update them without any action from the user’s side. Manual searching and wasting time for downloading files which, in the end, are useless will become history.


It also has an automatic scanning facility when you launch any program or connect a device to your PC. You can do both by a single click, either scan and update drivers one-by-one or all at a single click Driver Booster 6 lets you faster downloads and a user interface with different skins. With an advanced driver compression algorithm, a driver package in Driver Booster would be at least 30% smaller than its original size, which can greatly reduce download time. Also, Driver Booster allows downloading and installing drivers during system idle time. Driver Booster for Mac recently launched with a separate brand macbooster 7 that really works nicely on macOS Pc.

Driver Booster Filehippo Key Features:

Driver Error Resolver & repair windows drivers problems

Driver Booster is a useful driver tool for resolving various driver errors and repairing Windows drivers’ problems, including black screen, blue screen, and other error code problems. Common Windows driver error code that is started with 0x80 such as 0x80070005 or 0xc0 such as 0xc004f074 can also be solved by Driver Booster.

Driver For Gaming Performance

Driver Booster helps to improve the Windows graphics score by updating graphics drivers for maximum gaming performance. Specific drivers can be updated to optimize specific games. For example, NVIDIA graphics drivers can be updated to optimize relevant gaming performance.

Driver Backup & Driver Manager

Driver Booster Filehippo is a great driver manager for safekeeping your hardware drivers and re-install Windows easily, thus making sure your drivers are in order. Besides, it can create a backup copy of system drivers because sometimes we may need to revert to the old ones. Driver Booster can also achieve multiple updates of the out-dated drivers if some users don’t want to install a single driver, and it can update drivers to the latest version automatically without manually choosing from time to time.

Ensure Better Performance

Driver Booster is a master of improving hardware performance and computer stability through updating drivers, offering better PC performance and security.

Best Driver Updater from Large Online Database

Driver Booster is the best driver updater which helps to update NVIDIA drivers, AMD drivers, and Intel drivers. It has successfully updated various drivers such as the audio driver, audio driver, graphics card driver, etc. Driver Booster supports 2,500,000+ driver updates from its online database, which enables users to update any kind of driver including video/audio devices, graphics cards, motherboards, keyboards, mice, etc. Besides, it can also update the Nvidia graphics driver to protect against Spectre-Meltdown CPU attacks.

HTTPS Connection and WHQL Drivers Only for Secure

A bad driver may crash your computer. To bring users safe and qualified drivers, Driver Booster Filehippo only includes drivers that pass Microsoft’s rigorous WHQL test. Besides, the downloading process is HTTPS secured. In addition, driver details like the versions, the date of release, sizes are also offered in the program for double-checking the driver safety.

Fix Sound Error

Driver Booster can fix most sound driver problems such as no sound or abnormal sound. It can support the repairing of Intel Audio Driver, Realtek Audio Driver and Nvidia Audio Driver etc. Just click on scan and repair, the problems will be away.

Fix Network Failure

Sometimes it’s irritating that the network fails to connect when you need to use it badly. A network failure can be caused by the Network Adapter, which refers to some driver errors. Driver Booster has fixed various Network Failure like Intel network driver problems, Realtek Wireless driver issues, and Nvidia WLAN driver problems.

Clean Useless Data Files

Once a device plugged into your computer, there will be some space available for it to release or save files. After unplugging, some data of the device may leave on your computer to occupy some space, Driver Booster Filehippo can clean these unplugged data conveniently and thoroughly to spare more space.

Restore Point

The compatibility of a driver and the system is of great importance because it has a tight relationship with PC performance. Sometimes if the newly-downloaded driver is not compatible with the system, restoring the old one is essential. If the incompatibility of the new driver and the system occurs, Driver Booster will restore the previous driver in time to avoid potential driver failure.

Backup Current Drivers

If you upgraded/rebuilt/reformatted the system, you need to reinstall all drivers for each device one by one, or you may find that some older devices are no longer supported by the manufacturers. Now with Driver Booster, you can have peace of mind knowing that all previous drivers will be backed up to a file folder before updating. You only need to get these drivers back from the backup folder, and then everything will run smoothly just as they were.

Auto Scan Instantly for Problems

Driver Booster will auto scan your system to find out outdated/mismatched/missing drivers, liberating you from the tedious and dull task of manually updating various drivers. Meanwhile, it troubleshoots and fixes all the system driver problems and device driver problems to ensure you stable and efficient PC performance.

One-click Fix for 6 Common Errors

Based on thousands of user feedbacks these years, Driver Booster developers concluded 6 most frequently encountered problems with drivers. In the latest version, Driver Booster was built with 6 independent tools to bring users simple and quick solutions to fix these problems, including no sound of audio devices, network connection problems, device errors, resolution problems of display devices, cleaning data of unplugged devices, and exploring system info for device inventory, etc.

Latest Update of Graphics/Sound Cards Drivers

To be compatible with newer games, the manufacturers frequently update game-related drivers, especially graphics cards and sound cards. Outdated graphics and sound card drivers may result in image or sound lagging, image, and sound out of sync, etc. With Driver Booster, you can instantly detect and install the most up-to-date drivers to guarantee you the best experience while gaming.

Update Game Components

Driver Booster is also a game components updater that auto-downloads and installs all the components required by games, such as PhysX, OpenAL, and DirectX. When a new game installed, this Booster can detect and install correct components automatically to make your PC game-ready.

Fix Bad Resolution of Display Devices

If you find your computer displays with a low or wrong resolution, that might be a problem with your graphics drivers – missing/outdated/mismatched/corrupt, etc. The tool can auto scan and update graphics drivers to fix resolution problems with a single click through the light tool.

Clean Unplugged Device Data

Devices unplugged from the computer still leave some data in the system such as registry files, logins, junk files, etc. These data take up space and potentially result in instability. Driver Booster will simply clean these device data and return you a fresh system.

Supported game ready drivers & Games:

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready drivers:
GeForce Game Ready 411.70: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4, and FIFA 19
GeForce Game Ready 399.24: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Open Beta, and Assetto Corsa Competizione
GeForce Game Ready 399.07: Battlefield V Open Beta
GeForce Game Ready 398.82: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and Monster Hunter: World
GeForce Game Ready 398.36: the Crew 2
GeForce Game Ready 398.11: Jurassic World Evolution and Vampyr BattleTech and Frostpunk
AMD Radeon Adrenalin drivers:
AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.10.2: Fallout®76 B.E.T.A
AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.8.2: Strange Brigade and F1 2018
AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.8.1: We Happy Few, Madden NFL 19, and WoW: Battle for Azeroth
Intel HD Graphics drivers:
Intel Graphics Driver Version World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and Jurassic World Evolution
Intel Graphics Driver Version Yakuza 0, Adol in Ys: Memories of Celceta, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, This is the Police 2, and Overcooked 2
Intel Graphics Driver Version Dota 2 and other Vulkan

Publisher Iobit
Version 6.3.0
Release Date May 04, 2018
Publisher Website
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
File Size 19.08MB

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