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March 13, 2020 - George Williams (Free)
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FontForge Download is a free and open-source outline font creator and editor which provides the facility to create a new font and update the existing font. It is the best tool for font selection, editing, drawing, creating curves, shapes, and lines. It also have the ability to edit curves TrueType and PostScript fonts, the introduction of basic and advanced file names, modify parameters such as name, description or font metrics that map all the characters. It also converts the most popular font formats, including files like UFO, WOFF, TrueType, OpenType, PostScript, Multiple-master, CFF, SVG, DFONT, BIN, BDF, FON and NFNT.

Creating a new font type means drawing each glyph until you form a complete alphabet, number system, and symbols. This font maker put several drawing tools at your disposal, such as curve points, distance measurement, hand scrolling, and magnification. Plus, you can manage multiple layers (e.g. background, foreground).

fontforge software

As far as font information goes, you can edit the PS name (e.g. family name, version, base filename), size (e.g. design size, style ID), Unicode ranges, and so on.

Other options of FontForge font editor let you use a search function (e.g. by color, wildcard, script), transform layers, unlink references, merge fonts, enable auto hints, execute the script, generate a Mac family, as well as edit resources, just to name a few.

Feature Of FontForge Download


Construction refers to the structure of the underlying strokes that form a particular glyph. Perhaps you can imagine the glyph’s skeleton. The kind of construction to use is arguably one of the most important questions to think about, because the construction affects so many of the remaining choices, particularly if your design is going to feel somewhat familiar to readers.


The proportion of X-height to Cap-height

The letters on the left come from Playfair Display, which has a large x-height relative to its cap-height. The letters on the right are from EB Garamond, which has a smaller x-height. In the sample above, the size of the H has been adjusted so that they match.


Ascender Height

To facilitate automated format conversion and other repetitive tasks, FontForge which implements two scripting languages: its own language and Python. It can run scripts from its GUI, from the command line, and also offers its features as a Python module so it can be integrated into any Python program.


Descender depth

Taken together, long ascenders and descenders can become difficult to manage. If the typeface will be used with small line heights, the elongation means letters can collide across rows of text.



The width of a type of design will alter not just how it feels but also what it is useful for. The example on the right is from a text face. The example on the left is from a display design meant to be eye-catching.

width in FontForge Download

It supports Adobe’s OpenType feature file specification (with its own extensions to the syntax). It also supports the unofficial Microsoft mathematical typesetting extensions introduced for Cambria Math and supported by Office 2007, XeTeX and LuaTeX. At least one free OpenType mathematical font has been developed in it.

How To Run FontForge Download?

  • Download 2019-08-01 Release Installer (.exe)
  • Right-click, select Run as Administrative User
  • After installation, right-click FontForge shortcut and select Run as Administrative User

System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7/8/10

MAC OS X and Higher version


Processor Intel Pentium Processor

Technical Specification

Software Name FontForge Download V 2019-08-01 For Windows
File Size 16.6 MB
License Free
Language English
Author George Williams

FontForge Download is the best free font editor that provides the facility to create your own fonts or edit existing ones. You may create new outlines or modify old ones. it is excellent that the tool supports various font formats, including Bitmap, PostScript, TrueType, Outline, and OpenType. It can even extract fonts from a PDF document. Luckily, you have full freedom to draw whatever you need by using many drawing tools, like curve points, hand scrolling, and measurement.

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