GB WhatsApp Themes Best Collection 2023

May 23, 2023 - (Free)

Unlock a World of Creativity with the Best Collection of GB WhatsApp Themes.

Are you tired of the mundane appearance of your GB WhatsApp? If you’re looking to breathe new life into your messaging experience, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we present a handpicked selection of the best GB WhatsApp themes, designed to infuse your chat interface with style and personalization. With an extensive range of options at your fingertips, including custom GB WhatsApp themes, stylish theme downloads, and unique designs, we’re here to help you transform your messaging experience like never before. Step into a world of captivating visuals and discover the perfect theme to make your GB WhatsApp truly one-of-a-kind.

How Do I Change GB WhatsApp Chats Themes?

Before entering into the world of the best GB WhatsApp themes, it’s important to learn how to apply a theme in the first place. By being acquainted with this technique, you will be able to easily modify your GB WhatsApp experience.

1. Open GB WhatsApp on your device.

2. Tap the three dots located on the top-right corner of the screen to access the menu.

3. From the menu, select “GBSettings.”

4. Look for the “Download Themes” option and tap on it.

5. Browse through the available themes and choose the one you prefer.

6. Once you’ve selected a theme, tap the “Apply” button.

7. GB WhatsApp will automatically restart to apply the newly chosen theme.

GB WhatsApp Chtas Themes Process

8. If you want to apply a theme that is downloaded from websites, you can click “Load theme”.

The Best GB WhatsApp Themes Collection 2023

1. Apple iPhone GB WhatsApp Theme

Apple iPhone GB WhatsApp Theme

Many Android users want to imitate the appearance of an iPhone on their devices, which is logical given the well-designed apps offered on iPhones. If you want to give your Android GBWhatsApp the “iPhone look,” you’re in luck. You may easily download gb whatsapp ios theme that made particularly for GB WhatsApp. With this theme, you can change the design of your GB WhatsApp to that of an iPhone, giving you access to the smooth and attractive interface that iPhone users enjoy.

To download it, simply open the Download Themes page in your GB Settings, then search for the iOS theme.

2. ASK Reality Theme

ASK Reality Theme

This theme’s popularity in GB WhatsApp is well-deserved due to its clean and simplistic style, which makes it a customer favorite. It provides an aesthetically attractive experience without being unduly distracting, unlike some flashy themes.

If you like the aesthetics of Telegram, you’ll enjoy this theme even more because its color scheme is similar to Telegram’s. This gives your communications experience a sense of comfort and regularity.

You can download it from the Download Themes page of GBSettings.

3. Black GB WhatsApp Theme

Black GB WhatsApp Theme

The Black Theme is a popular option among GB WhatsApp users. Many people prefer a dark aesthetic for their phones, and while WhatsApp has a dark option by default, it has a greenish tint rather than a complete black appearance.

You may obtain a completely blacked-out look for your WhatsApp interface by using the Black theme. To acquire this theme, simply navigate to the Download Themes section within your GB Settings.

4. Material Green Theme

Material Green Theme

WhatsApp’s default green color palette can be seen as dull and dismal. Fortunately, GB WhatsApp includes a number of third-party green themes that may be used to improve your experience. Among these possibilities, the Material Green Theme is the most popular.

This theme will embellish your WhatsApp interface with a colorful and dramatic color palette, ensuring a visually attractive experience. To get the Material Green Theme for GB WhatsApp, simply navigate to the get Themes section in your GB Settings.

5. Age of Ultron Theme

If you’re a fan of the Avengers (and who isn’t? ), you’ll probably enjoy the Age of Ultron theme. This engaging theme incorporates an amazing Ultron wallpaper as well as complimentary color accents to create a unified and visually pleasing design. It’s reasonable to claim that using this theme will improve your WhatsApp experience.

Navigate to the Download Themes section of your GB Settings to download the Age of Ultron theme for GB WhatsApp. Simply search for the theme once there, and you’ll be able to effortlessly apply it to your WhatsApp interface.

6. Material White Theme

Material White Theme

Do you admire the elegance of minimalism and simplicity? If so, this theme will undoubtedly capture your heart. It is designed with an emphasis on clean lines and simplicity to appeal to individuals who prefer a minimalist look. There are no extra color accents or distractions—just a clean, uncomplicated look.

Simply browse to the Download Themes area in your GB Settings to acquire this beautiful theme. You can then quickly download and install the theme, giving you a clean and minimalistic look on your GB WhatsApp interface.

7. iOS Theme

iOS Theme

We’re ready to explore another popular option among users—an iOS-like theme.

Unlike the previously mentioned iPhone theme, this one seeks to mimic the appearance of the official WhatsApp app on iOS devices—and it succeeds brilliantly. The theme radiates a sleek, confident, and minimalist design that will appeal to individuals who value a clean and professional appearance.

To get this tempting GB WhatsApp iOS theme, go to the Download Themes area of your GB Settings. From there, you can quickly download and install the theme, allowing you to enjoy WhatsApp’s stunning likeness to the iOS version on your device.

8.ASK Reality Red Dark

ASK Reality Red Dark

If you’re seeking a refreshed version of the classic ASK theme with a more visually appealing color scheme, you’re in luck.

This variant keeps the timeless core of the previous ASK theme we examined, but adds a touch of appeal with a striking Red + Black color palette. The end result is a trendy and clean appearance that will capture your attention.

To download any of the aforementioned themes, including this one, on GB WhatsApp, simply search for their names in the Download Themes area of your GB Settings. Once discovered, you can easily apply the theme of your choosing and enjoy its improved beauty.


An excellent selection of GB WhatsApp themes will be available in 2023, and they’re sure to improve your messaging experience. There is a theme to suit your preferences, whether you want brilliant colors, simplicity, or the design language of well-known operating systems. These themes add a new and unique touch to the GB WhatsApp experience, from the streamlined and clean designs to the striking color schemes. Through the GB Settings, you can quickly download and apply these themes to your messaging app, allowing you to simply change how it represents your personal style. Explore the best selection of GB WhatsApp themes for 2023 at your disposal and embrace the power of personalization.

Improve your visual experience and take advantage of a brand-new level of personalized messaging.