Get More Followers On Instagram

November 10, 2020 - (Free)

The question I hear more often than what is included is how did I get 20,800 Instagram followers? What kind of secret strategies and tactics do I rotate right? However, I have to be a little disappointed at the outset, as my own Instagram content is as non-strategic as possible. I post at whatever time it hurts and I follow exactly whose content I want to see. On the other hand, maybe just that tactlessness is the secret to my Instagram account. However, Instagram is first and foremost about communicating with like-minded people around the world. Instagram content should be touched, Inspire, Support, and laugh.

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Then, I want to share with you those most relevant tips on increasing the Instagram account followers.

In the following steps, you can learn How to get more followers on Instagram


Engagement that beautiful word for which there is no suitable Finish translation. Especially now that Instagram’s algorithm has changed, engagement is becoming even more important. However, engagement does not only mean the number of comments or likes but their quality and the successful engagement of followers.

Instagram works like any cocktail party. To grow your own network, you need to introduce yourself and get to know the people around you. Don’t just gather followers, but look for people with whom you can genuinely communicate, who you can inspire, and who can inspire you. In fact, in recent years I have even met a number of Instagram followers around the world. I don’t really even want to use the word follower, but a suitable domestic translation for the word community.

Also, don’t just expect other people to comment on your photos, but also remember to comment on other people’s photos. And don’t even consider using an automated program to leave ‘nice, cool wow’ type comments, but be genuine. Read. Ask. Ice.

To grow your Instagram account, you should also communicate outside of your own followers. Forget the silly follow-unfollow tactics and comment and like the content of similar accounts. You can even go through 10 accounts a day under the #travel tag and leave comments on interesting pictures. If your own content is high quality and compelling, you are sure to get more followers into your own account.

Instagram For Hashtag

2. Be found using hashtags

Few understand the true potential of hashtags. If you want more really committed Instagram followers, you might want to take the game a little more strategically here. Hashtags should be used judiciously, not so much as a #nice #day #today #you #jae. Also, don’t use too popular hashtags like #travel #adventure #wanderlust – at least not just because your content easily drowns in millions of images.

Take some time to find hashtags relevant to your content, such as #igtravel #nevernottravelling or #lifeofadventure. Using smaller hashtags will give your content more visibility.

Example: When I left for Hong Kong last winter, I was looking for 10 relevant hashtags that I used in each Hong Kong-themed image. The image was listed in the Top Posts section of each hashtag on Instagram and gave me a thousand new followers a week.

With hashtags, larger Instagram accounts may feature your photos. There are many accounts in the travel industry whose hashtag can help you get your image reposted. Cathay Pacific and Dame Traveler both have over 200k followers and after using both hashtags #lifewelltraveled and #dametraveler, I got my Image featured to a larger audience. When the accounts were tourism-themed, new Followers had also come through it to my target audience.

Hashtags can be used 30 at a time (I usually use 3-10 myself), but it’s a good idea to put them as the first comment on an image to make your post cooler and easier to read.

Instagram art gallery

3. Instagram is an art gallery of your brand

Instagram is, above all, visual storytelling. It’s like an art show about your brand and personality. Make sure each image fits next to each other and try to stick to a consistent style. For example, use the same filters, saturation, contrast, or temperature in each image. Personally, I use the A5 and HB2 filters in the VSCO application to create the most consistent image gallery possible. Other good apps include Afterlight, Snapseed, Facetune, and Color story.

Only the best pictures of all should be posted to Instagram. For example, a few weeks ago, I was enjoying cocktails with my friends in the new stylish bar, but due to the lighting, I couldn’t post a picture of a great drink on Instagram. Although this contemplation should not be taken to exaggerations either, sometimes a picture can have such a strong story that I post it despite its quality. However, quality and consistency are often the factors that bring more followers to your account.

You don’t have to be a professional light photographer to succeed on Instagram. Personally, I take most of my Instagram photos on my smartphone, which seems amazing to many.

Bringa out your personality with this app

4. Bring out your personality

What makes social media great is that in reality, in the end, it’s just a tool that allows people to communicate with each other, hence the word social. With your own thoughts and experiences, you can inspire people and find similar types to yourself. At best, you make friends with people on the other side of the world.

On my own Instagram, I strongly highlight my personality. I tell you about the difficulties that life brings and share moments of success. Honest life. Every time I open my Inbox and there’s a message waiting for an Instagram follower to thank me for the support or inspiration – I wouldn’t do it any other way. Of course, you don’t have to share your whole life story on Instagram, I won’t tell you everything either, but share something more than beautiful landscapes along the way.

Stick To Theme

5. Stick to the theme

The more specific the theme you choose, the more your Instagram account has the potential to grow. Check out @ihavethisthingwithfloors or @tunameltsmyheart though. If your followers are following you because of travel photos, Post Travel Photos. If your followers are following you because of vegan smoothie bowls, Post smoothie bowls.

Admittedly, to be honest, I personally don’t stick to such a precise theme because I want to share in my life both that tourism and those smoothie bowls.