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August 11, 2020 - ManyCam LLC (Free)
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ManyCam Download is a free live video software and virtual webcam that makes your live youtube videos, video chat, live meeting more beautiful. It is a video switcher that allows you to enhance your video chats and create amazing live streams on multiple platforms at the same time. With the app, you’ll be able to create professional-looking broadcasts on your favorite platforms, record your screen, add many effects, and much more.

ManyCam Free is enhancing your real-time video chat & broadcasting experience and turns your computer into a professional-quality live video production studio and switcher. Add amazing webcam effects & graphics to your videos and photos. Awesome webcam funny filters make you look even better on cam. Add crazy masks or facial effects using facial recognition technology. Give yourself a new webcam background so it appears you on a studio set or makes it look you’re on fire or like it’s snowing in your house! ManyCam offline installer for PC has a massive library with thousands of effects. It provides the facility to use Skype, MSN, Ustream, and many other webcams and audio applications at the same time. You can also do the same with the virtual audio sound driver.

Feature Of ManyCam Download

Virtual Backgrounds

With virtual backgrounds, you can always be prepared for your live videos, from web conferences to virtual classrooms and live streams. This feature allows you to blur, remove, and replace your background with images or video sources without the need for a green screen.

For an even more professional live video, users with a green or blue screen can activate the Chroma Key feature. Access the advanced settings to take your production value to the next level.

replace background with colorful picture

Stream to Facebook and YouTube Live

Streaming has never been easier! Connect ManyCam to Facebook and Youtube to stream simultaneously. Quickly set up your RTMP stream and broadcast to your favorite streaming services and go live on multiple platforms at once to increase your online reach.

Live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch is one of the best ways to grow your online audience and reach more people. With ManyCam, going live on these platforms is as simple as flipping a switch.

Stream to Facebook & YouTube Live

Green Screen (Chroma Key)

Replace your background to enhance your video calls and live streams with customized backdrops. The updated Chroma Key tool is better than ever. It allows you to remove your background while showing images, videos, or supported sources much faster and more smoothly.

Chroma Key, also known as Green Screen, is a visual effect of layering or compositing two images together by using color. It’s heavily used in the post-production of movies, TV shows, and the news. The bright green is the color of choice because it doesn’t match any skin tone and won’t be easily found in objects, but a bright blue is also a common option. On ManyCam, the Green Screen effect can be applied to any background. Solid bright colors always work best.

Virtual webcam

Select ManyCam as your virtual webcam and get access to ManyCam’s fantastic live video tools during your online classes, video calls, chats, conferences, and online meetings in applications like Skype, WebEx, and Facebook Chats!

A virtual webcam allows users to use their computers’ resources during video calls instead of using a live webcam. In other words, users can place images, videos, share their screens, and other video sources as their primary output during a video call.

Virtual Webcam For Video Calls


More than a streaming software, It allows you to add various windows on top of your main screen to drive your audience’s focus. Add any video source, resize and reposition the screens or split-screen. Get ready to scream like a pro with as many picture-in-picture windows as you need.

Multiple picture-in-picture layers during your live broadcasts allow you to create much more dynamic videos. For instance, setting your webcam view to be on the corner of your stream at all times helps viewers establish a connection with you and maintain focus.

Picture-in-picture in ManyCam Download

Media Source Switcher

Easily switch between video sources for better communication. Mixing up different video sources, secondary footage, and multi-camera angles is a must when it comes to professional live streams or video calls. With ManyCam, you can even select your preferred transition when switching sources.

One way of creating engaging live videos is to use different video sources and camera angles. With a media source switcher like ManyCam, you can easily go from one video source to the next with the click of a button. Switch between points of interest during your video to provide different perspectives to the audience, just like TV shows.

Media Source Switcher in ManyCam Download

3D Masks & Effects

ManyCam has over 12,000 masks, objects, and effects available for free to help you deliver captivating live videos. Users can drag and drop images and animated GIFs as digital props and resize them while live. Custom effects can be organized in the Effects Panel and applied to any stream or video call.

With all the different ManyCam effects and the ones you will create, you will be able to deliver engaging and exciting live streams and video calls every time you go live.

ManyCam Download to use 3D Masks & Effects

Multiple Video Sources

Create professional live videos with up to 24 video sources. Add webcams, pre-recorded videos, images, your computer screen, apps, web sources, and much more to your live streams and recordings. Easily switch between sources to engage your audience.

With ManyCam, you can get creative with your live videos. Instead of using just your webcam, you can take advantage of every resource out there, from slide deck presentations and videos to apps, websites, and beyond.

Multiple Video Sources in ManyCam Download


With ManyCam, users benefit from a fast and powerful streaming software. Each feature is carefully designed to help you enhance your video calls, web conferences, and live streaming videos. The built-in hardware acceleration tool helps ManyCam use as little resources as possible.

Professional live streaming and video calls can add on a lot of heavy tasks to your computer, which is why having control over your settings and enabling hardware acceleration can help you easily increase your live video quality.

perfomance in ManyCam Download

Desktop Screencasting

Share your screen live or record it to deliver highly engaging videos. ManyCam allows you to select your computer screen as a video source for your video calls, streams, and recordings. You can capture your entire screen, custom areas, specific apps, hidden windows, and much more.

Screencasting and screen recording are essential tools for content creators. These ManyCam features help you create tutorials, online training, business presentations, and add value to your live videos like a pro.

desktop screencasting

Web Source

With the web source feature, users can add web pages as video sources during live videos or recordings, without going through the browser to help you increase productivity. ManyCam also allows you to customize the web page’s CSS.

During live videos, productivity and customization are crucial, which is why ManyCam created the web source feature. Users can easily add websites as sources and customize the CSS of any web page they add so that their video looks precisely as needed.

web pages as video sources during live videos or recordings

Direct Camera Settings Control

With ManyCam Download For PC, you can control your camera settings, adjust your video’s resolution and color for the best possible streams. Without exiting the software, you can optimize the quality of your video by setting the video format, FPS, and more.

The right video settings can help you raise your live video quality. Whether you need to increase your webcam’s brightness to compensate for subpar lighting or simply adjust the colors for more impact, ManyCam makes it easy.

Direct Camera Settings Control

4K Video Support

Render, record, and stream 4K videos with ManyCam. This live streaming software supports 4K video from multiple video sources, which allows you to increase your production value and deliver live streaming videos with the highest quality.

4K live streaming and video calling is something that content creators can explore to increase the video quality they deliver during live videos. If you have the resources to support it, the quality of your videos will be amazing.

Video Recording

It allows you to record your screen, video calls, conferences, and live streams. With the click of a button, you can record your video and save it in your gallery. It’s the most practical way to record training videos, video tutorials, and live streams in general.

Video, whether live or recorded, is, by far, the most popular type of content out there. If you want to create high-quality videos and increase your productivity, try recording your content with ManyCam.

IP Camera

Connect your IP Cameras to stream content or record. View your IP cameras on your computer to keep an eye on your home, office, parking area, or anywhere you need security. The webcam software supports MJPG as well as H.264 Streams.

IP Cameras, short for Internet Protocol Cameras are cameras that send and receive data via computer networks. Their ability to communicate online makes them great for surveillance as well as live video in general.

IP Camera in ManyCam Download

Motion Detection

Use ManyCam Download for motion detection and be informed by email when motions are detected. You can use it with your IP cameras to enhance your security system solution.

The motion detection feature can also be set to switch the main scene camera to the one that detected the movement, so if your recording 24/7, the scene from the camera with movement will be the one recorded.

Motion Detection in ManyCam Download

RTMP Stream

The RTMP feature allows you to broadcast directly on any streaming platform with a Stream Key, such as USTREAM and YouTube live events. Set up your preferred RTMP stream within ManyCam and quickly go live on your favorite streaming services!

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol for streaming audio, video, and data over the Internet. Most streaming platforms allow RTMP connections so that you can find a much bigger audience for your live streams. It’s super easy to use this feature on ManyCam, and it can expand your live streaming reach. You can also add custom RTMP configuration to stream on your personal server.

RTMP Stream in ManyCam Download

Mobile App

ManyCam Download to use your mobile phone as a video source with ManyCam’s Mobile source app. Record live videos on the go, away from your computer and stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. Or stream directly to any streaming platform from your phone with up to 4 video sources.

Whether you do mobile live streams or use your devices as additional resources, ManyCam can help you get the most out of your gear. Your mobile device can become your webcam during video conferences, as well as add a lot of value to your live streaming setup.

mobile app of ManyCam Download

Multiple Channel Broadcasting

Through RTMP connection, users can broadcast simultaneously to multiple streaming platforms to increase your reach. Plus, go live on Facebook, YouTube, and any other live streaming platform at the same time. ManyCam allows users to connect video calling apps such as Skype with broadcasting channels.

ManyCam Download to use live streaming is a fantastic tool to grow your online presence, especially when you go live on more than one platform at the same time. Multiple channel broadcasting allows you to benefit from each website’s best features, such as Facebook’s reach and YouTube’s monetization.

Draw & Text

ManyCam Download to write or draw on your main screen to drive the audience’s attention. During your live broadcast, with the Draw & Text tool, you can write on your screen and draw freely to highlight your content, add shapes, and blur parts of your video while live to keep your audience focused.

The Draw tab adds the tools you need to get your message across your live videos. You can use scribble, draw or write on any of your video sources, such as your webcam view, PowerPoint presentation, pre-recorded video, and so on, to keep your audience engaged.

Frequently Asked Question For ManyCam Download

1. How do You make a recording in?

  1. In case you need to capture the audio feed, make sure you’ve added your microphone or other audio input devices.
  2. Press the record button, the video will start recording. On the left, there will be a timer showing the current length of the recording.
  3. If you want to skip some of the material being recorded, press the pause recording button that appears to the left to the start recording button during the recording session. Once resumed, ManyCam will continue recording to the same video file.
  4. To end your recording session, you will need to click on the stop recording button. This will save the recorded file to the specified location.

By default, all recorded videos are added to the ManyCam Gallery and saved to the user’s profile folder on your computer’s hard drive.

Windows default location: C:\Users\user_name\Videos\ManyCam

2. How do You remove the ManyCam watermark (logo)?

First, please activate your subscription.

Once you’ve activated the subscription, please go to ManyCam menu bar → Preferences → General settings and uncheck the “Show ManyCam logo” box.

3. What is Playlist and what’s it used for?

A playlist is a feature that allows you to compile a list of multiple ManyCam video sources and air them on live streaming websites, during conference calls, webinars, lessons, and any other online events. You can arrange the order of items, add new or remove unwanted ones, choose playback mode, set custom delay for each item (paid versions only), set items to loop, adjust the pace, set a custom transition effect, as well as save and load your playlists.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: macOS X 10.11 and higher
Processor Intel Core i3 or faster processor (i5 or greater preferred)
Memory 2 GB RAM
Graphics card drivers Graphics card drivers must be up-to-date
Internet Connection Broadband Internet Connection (high-speed) is required for ManyCam subscription activation, and such features as RTMP streaming (including RTMP ingest), Motion Detection, ManyCam mobile app video source, YouTube URL, Web source URL.

Technical Specification

Software Name ManyCam Software For Windows V
File Size 561 KB
License Free
Language English
Author ManyCam LLC


ManyCam Download The best free live studio & webcam effects software for Windows. It adds special effects to your webcam chats. special effects are categorized such as type ranging from wigs, sunglasses, hats, distortions, animals, etc. If you’re just looking for a good laugh or a bit of online video fun, ManyCam is simple and easy to use.

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