MegaDownloader 1.7

October 8, 2019 - (Free)
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MegaDownloader Filehippo is is the free and quick downloader program that can help you arrange and download documents right from the cloud storage system It’s in the download manager category and can be available to all applications users as a free download.

The program also packs a steganography function so that you may extract or hide links you need to share with other people inside a picture. At precisely the exact same time, you are able to encode URLs and generate ELC in the mega links for improved safety.

All it requires is to simply paste a correct URL, followed by a click download button. It must carefully notice that lots of fishy websites like Reddit etc. Encourage a malicious and erred download of documents. On the contrary, this site intends to serve its customers with 100% secured and safe downloads.


You can pause, stop and resume the downloads whenever you want, decompress packages and even view the videos directly via streaming. You can also limit your download speed if you don’t want to jeopardize your Internet connection.

It’s also capable of detecting links from Mega copied to the clipboard to add them to the queue, and it can even be controlled remotely thanks to its integrated server. It also incorporates other useful functions to download files, such as support for multiple downloads or the management of the download priority (aspects that are obviously very necessary), link coding and the possibility to configure a web or proxy server. Together with its speed and lightweight, and not needing a prior installation, all these features make this program a very practical and easy-to-use Mega client.

The thing is that it’s just another free cloud storage service that competes against others of the likes of Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. Is it the best? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, you won’t miss anything when it comes to downloading files.

The user interface is both minimalistic and well-organized. However, it utilizes an outmoded Windows aesthetic that only looks older on Windows 10. The user-interface is extremely functional yet. MegaDownloader Filehippo is particular to MEGA support. It can not get other comparable services sadly. Should you utilize MEGA a whole lot to find content, nevertheless. It is a useful tool, but it could fine if it incorporated a search mechanism so as to lessen the back and on that is often required to discover and download what you would like.

MegaDownloader Filehippo Features

  • Automated download of a large number of files – Perfect for both occasional users who want hassle-free download and cloud storage enthusiasts who want to rely on MEGA for file backup or collaborative file sharing
  • Support for parallel downloads – Take full control over organizing the download of a large number of files.
  • Support for segmented download for each file – Boost the download speed by downloading several segments of each file at the same time.
  • Download files of all sizes – From several kilobytes to several gigabytes, Mega Downloader can handle them all. Be aware that downloading of multiple large files can put a strain on older PC configurations.
  • Rapid download speed – Unleash the full potential of your internet connection.
  • No need to visit Mega website – Authenticate your account in MegaDownloader and download files without the need to ever visit
  • Integrated support for video streaming – Integration with VLC Media Player can enable you to directly playback video files that are being streamed from
  • Available for all modern versions of Windows OS, on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • No Ads!
  • Completely free for use, with no in-app microtransactions, subscriptions or hidden charges


  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10,
  • MEGA account