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October 8, 2019 - Mobogenie Team (Free)
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Mobogenie Filehippo is the personal manager of your mobile phone. Data transfer and management has never been this easy with Mobogenie. With the tool, all the apps, contacts, SMS, music and other data in your smartphone can be easily transferred between PC, your phone, and even the online world.


Mobogenie Filehippo Features:

The software offers a library of applications, wallpapers, and music, all downloadable for free. Going through the computer can significantly reduce the download time: the phone is only solicited for installation. Mobogenie also allows you to control the smartphone via the computer.

The user can see the status of his memory, and perform long actions on the phone, such as a backup or a massive import of contacts. It is also possible to send SMS via the computer through the phone, but the utility of this feature is almost zero. Know that Mobogenie is infested with pubs, and that’s where are the biggest defect. Not to mention that

Mobogenie is software with limited utility. It can, however, simplify the task for users wishing to change their smartphone and keep their data.


The program is rather simple to use. There are no drivers to install, and the Mobogenie marketplace works even if your phone is not plugged into the computer. The layout resembles iTunes because there are different sections to navigate. The marketplace permanently rests as the default, and function navigation is done through tabs on the upper portion of the program. Choosing a particular function then opens that interface on the center stage. This can prove to be a challenge if you want to perform multiple functions.

File Management Toolkit

One of the features on the Mobogenie application is that it is a standalone toolkit for use on Android smartphones. This allows the user to be able to modify and upgrade the phone as necessary. Upon plugging the phone into the computer, Mobogenie immediately searches for the drivers and looks for system updates that may have not been applied.


This is a convenient feature but also can be rather annoying if all you wanted to do was transfer some files from the phone to the computer (or vice-versa). The file management for android tools is on par with other management tools of its kind that allow users to transfer and trade between their PC and their phone.

Backup and Restore


Mobogenie includes a file backup and restores software feature that allows the user to back up the entire file structure of the phone and copy those files to the computer for safekeeping. This includes the back up of installed files that are the core of the applications themselves. Photos, music and even contacts are also placed in a backup file. Restoring your files to the phone can be done by using the program and is reasonably fast. This is truly what makes the program useful.

Efficiently Works on Low-Speed Internet

Mobogenie is a well-made item of software that functions as a gateway to other programs. In comparison to Google’s or Amazon’s respective program stores, its choice is reduced but a few of its attributes are welcome. The organizational characteristics it provides specifically exceed what the operating system itself does and it’s an excellent selection for use in countries such as India or another scenario in which you have access to 2G/3G info and Wi-Fi (although maybe not 4G).

Mobogenie Filehippo Functions

  • One-click Install Countless Free Apps and Games: 1,200,000 android apps & games included, with more than 10,000 new apps & games every day – find whatever you need.
  • The Latest Videos and Music: Download the hottest and latest videos & music hand-picked by the app editors. Surprises are in store for you crazy music fans, anywhere and anytime.
  • Manage Your Device Like Never Before: Simplify your life with the easy and convenient android manager for pc including contact management and group messaging.
  • Secure Your Personal Data with a One-click Backup: Worried about losing data on your phone? Try out the brand new backup function of the android manager.
  • Liberate Your Phone with One-click Rooting: Speed up your phone, uninstall stock apps, save battery usage and generally do whatever you want – with Mobo genie, you make the rules.
  • Super PC Cleaner: One-click to speed up your PC and clean up all junk files.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Connect to your phone via Wi-Fi. You can install apps, even without USB!
  • Rooting: Liberate Your Mobile Phone with One-click Rooting
  • eBooks Download: Download eBooks and backgrounds.
  • Multilingual: Offered in over 10 languages
  • Wide availability: Available for multiple programs
  • Pc Cleaner: It can clean your pc and work as a Super PC Cleaner
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Connect to your telephone via Wi-Fi.
  • Super User: Root your own Android and get superuser permissions to accelerate the way that it functions, save battery or eliminate preinstalled applications (bloatware).

Mobogenie for PC Download Software Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High-quality recommendation Comparatively limited selection
Great use of 2G/ 3G usage intrusive
Available for multiple platforms Glitchy
Get backup and restore Spamming

System Requirements

RAM 256 MB
Hard Disk Drive Space 61 MB Hard disk space
Smartphone Operating System Android OS 2.2 or later

Technical Specification

Title Mobogenie Marketplace Software For PC
File Name Mobogenie_Setup.exe
File Size 2.2 MB
Operating System Windows
Author Mobogenie Team / Mobogenie

Mobogenie Filehippo
 is a good Android interface for file management and for the backup the contents of the phone. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of excessive advertising and bloatware that is automatically installed not only to your computer but the phone as well. The marketplace is decent, with a good list of applications and add-ons to customize the phone, but it doesn’t stand out in comparison to the Google Play market. Mobogenie is a good program for lower-end tablets or phones that don’t support Google Play as an option.