Opera Browser For PC Download 80.0 Build 4170.63

September 28, 2019 - Opera (Free)
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Opera filehippo is a very popular web browser for Windows computers that gives you a fast, efficient, and personalized way of browsing the web. It comes with a sleek interface, customizable Speed Dial, the Discover feature, which helps you find fresh web content, the data-saving Opera Turbo mode, visual bookmarks, over 1000 extensions. Finish your tasks in time with this fast browser! You can download Opera for PC offline installer from the site by clicking on the free download button.

Surfing and browsing the internet is a peace of mind, using the browser’s instinctive connect address and search bar. Pick one of those pre-installed search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Wikipedia, or include a customized search engine optimization.


Opera Filehippo Key Features

Superb Interface
Opera Filehippo has a superb design combined with high performance; it’s both easy and functional. The keyboard shortcuts are somewhat very similar to other browsers. The available choices are diverse and the Speed Dial interface is fine to use. You could customize Opera with topics and cause you to surfing experience more private. Consequently, if you’re considering trying something different compared to your standard browser, Opera might be the top option for you from the all browser list.

Stay in sync
Easily pick up browsing where you left off, across your devices. Just sign in to your account to access bookmarks and open tabs in the tool on your computer or mobile device. Remember to get the browser for your phone and tablet, too!

Speed through the web
The app team added a lot of improvements to make the software a fast browser. For example, videos start faster, thanks to built-in video support. And, if you’re on a slow internet connection, Turbo can compress pages for faster browsing.

Personalize your browser
With more than 1,000 extensions, it is easy to customize and tailor them to your habits. Download the extensions and themes you like from the browser’s add-ons catalog to add a personal touch and get the best browser experience for you.

Opera Browser For PC

Keep it simple
Searching and navigating the web is a breeze, with the browser’s intuitive combined address and search bar. Pick one of the pre-installed search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Wikipedia, or add a custom search engine. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.

Stay safer
It keeps your browsing safe, so you can stay focused on the content. Secure browser protects you from known malicious sites. The tool’s fraud and malware protection will warn you if a website tries to defraud you, steal your password, or install a virus.

Get more done
Recently closed tabs, tab cycling for those who juggle with multiple pages at once, and other small improvements save you time online. Also, with visual bookmarks, not available in any other browser by default, you can get back to interesting sites quickly. You can even share bookmarks with your friends.

Discover more content
Want to stay in the loop with the latest news? The app’s Discover feature brings it to your browser, with the freshest content on a variety of topics, from your region, in your language.

Some Hidden Facts about Opera Browser:

Opera began in 1994 as a research project at Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway. Later in 1995, it started out into a separate company named Opera Software. Opera was first publicly released in 1996 with version 2.10, which exclusively ran on Microsoft Windows.

Opera has developed features later adopted by other web browsers, including speed dial, pop-up blocking, re-opening recently closed pages, private browsing, and tabbed browsing.


Opera is a Chromium-based browser using the Blink layout engine which gives you the super-fast browsing experience with all safety features. It differentiates itself because of a distinct user interface and other features.