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October 7, 2019 - PicsArt Inc.‬ (Free)
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Picsart for PC Filehippo is one of the best easy to use free photo editor for PC that makes a better experience for the user. It includes almost every feature of photo editors like creative control, excellent image-editing tools, and a wide variety of attractive filters.

it is a streamlined and easy-to-use photo editor and free collage maker that is fully focused on enabling its users to take advantage of the pictures they have created on their mobile phone, edit them in style, and ready them for archival, collaboration, and sharing on social networks. It comes with the full suite of powerful filters, image editing tools, and an easy-to-learn interface that could easily be used by both complete novices in the world of image editing, and enthusiasts who just want quick access to some of the most popular filters and photo editing tools. Picsart key functions are here as under:

  • Picsart for a computer has capable of making you a professional photographer using your Phone camera only.
  • You can enjoy Photography even with your low pixel camera because it has many manipulations, frames, text effects, etc. that means you can add special effects or clip art easily.
  • It also has an inbuilt Collage maker to create an awesome photo collage.
  • Download Picsart for PC and then use many photo effects/filters like cartoonish, sketchers, Lomo, callouts, layers, brushes, etc. It also works as a drawing tool, so, you can draw a graphic of your choice.
  • It also has an inbuilt Collage maker to create an awesome photo collage.
  • You can easily convert low-quality images into the professional clicked photo.
  • Prepare photos for sharing on social networks.
  • Export images directly to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Dropbox.


Picsart for PC Filehippo Features

Draw Pictures

The draw feature in the app gives the user some extra and wide range of choices. Users can draw on photos, draw on blank page or draw on the background and is an exhilarating experience for anyone who uses this app. The draw feature in the app is alone enough to die for and is a dream come true for anyone who wants to paint some exceptions and become an artist. The tools can draw the attention of anyone. The thickness of the brush can be varied according to the need of the user also many other tools to crave for. Also, download Picsart for PC offers a store where exciting and beautiful stickers and much other merchandise can be bought.

Easy Photo Editor

The image editing software for PC offers a wide variety of textures to choose from and can create some magic in photos. Users can edit photos choosing some unique textures from fx, blur, artistic, pop art, paper, and distort. Each texture is basic and offers some further elaborations like a light cross, dodger, Cinerama, HD 1, old paper, gouache, comic, and many other exciting textures. There is also a new feature with the name of corrections where users can set their photos right by red-eye, color eye, blemish fix, face fix, suntan, and teeth whitening which will improve your photo quality and make everyone like them. Users can also take photos in desired textures using its camera feature which further reduces the hassle for photos to be edited and the user can take ready-made edited photos service in favorite backgrounds and textures.

Picture Sharing

After you’ve taken a picture or loaded one, you have plenty of different editing alternatives to play around with. Whatever you like to do, PicsArt’s got everything you must make and share awesome pictures. With Picsart for PC Filehippo it is not hard to talk about your pictures to other social media sites. Like facebook, google plus and a lot more. Along with it, you can secure the pictures from social networking channels like Instagram, Facebook and also Dropbox.

The wide array of editing tools

As soon as you download the program. Then you’ll wish to make an account so you can share all your pictures throughout. The program itself with different users who will want to appear at your creations. The program is an excellent asset to your daily life. It can truly enable you to feel like a professional photographer with a wide array of editing tools that it has available to you. It was created with users in mind. This means that it is incredibly easy and effortless for you to utilize it as often as you would like. The whole program navigates you through the practice of editing each and every picture that you want.

Some other newly added features:

Remix Chat

Remix Chat is a whole new way to share and edit photos with your friends. With all the power of the PicsArt photo editor seamlessly integrated, your conversations will never be the same.

Magic Effects

Try out the ✨ magic ✨ of AI-powered Magic Effects. Every one of the customizable Magic Effects turns your photos into a different style of a masterpiece.

3M Community Stickers

There are THREE MILLION custom stickers created by the Picsart community. And guess what? Every single one is free.

Dispersion Tool

With PicsArt’s Dispersion Tool, creating mind-blowing dispersion edits is ridiculously simple. It’s a one-of-a-kind photo editing tool that you won’t find anywhere else. The best part? All it takes is a few taps.

Stickers for iMessage

Speaking of chatting… Have you seen iMessage app? Try it out to access all of the community stickers for free — or to create your own sticker on the spot — and drag-and-drop them into your conversations.

Win Prizes against Challenges

If you’re a little low on inspiration, check out the Challenges! it got new themes running every day, so you’ll never find yourself with anything to do.  to take the inspiration up a level and offer awesome prizes!

Conclusion: Picsart for PC Filehippo not only utilized to boost the photo but in addition, enable you to make your captures best every moment. In addition, there are design tools at the cover of the screen. After opening the application, you will understand every one of the tools that you have to the left side of the screen. The PicsArt tool has a super stylish interface that is extremely user-friendly. The brilliant tool can be found on Windows, android in addition to iOS devices. The run-out tool will permit you to warp space and time in only two simple actions. One of the amazing image editor here! 

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