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October 14, 2019 - (Free)
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Recuva Filehippo is a file restoring program on Windows Pc that has been accidentally deleted from your computer, The program developed by Piriform. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from hard disk drives, USB flash drives, portable media players or all random-access storage mediums with a supported file system. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes, and viruses.


Recuva Filehippo Features

Excellent Recovery

The more quickly you use the program after deleting documents, the greater chance you have of recovering them. Additionally, consider saving them to another drive: it boosts the success percent. It’s in backup and recovery class and can be available to all applications users as a free download.

Deep Scanning

The software configured to comprehend and also to operate, too, together with other external devices (USB stick) allowing the deep look of this document in most document locations and the whole computer system. When the fundamental recovery procedure has failed, it runs deep scanning that takes a little bit of time. These function with no interface. When you choose the file and also the drive, the remaining part of the method is automatic.

Recovery Color Codes

Scan outcomes signal the file in various color schemes. Green reveals excellent while orange reveals low odds of recovery and eventually red indicates unrecoverable. In addition to that, the outcomes detail with all of the details about the document displayed.

Recovery as per file size

An extremely useful recovery wizard takes all of the guesswork out of locating your documents. All you need to do is pick the kind of document that you need to recover (photographs, emails, videos, etc.) and in which it is very likely to be (recycle bin, on a networking card, etc.). When Recuva’s completed, you will see a listing with all the recoverable documents, which you can type in many approaches or hunt with a customizable filter instrument. Then simply choose the files you need to recover and you are all set to proceed.

Deep scan

Unlike many file recovery applications, Recuva can recover files from damaged or recently formatted drives. Greater flexibility means an increased prospect of recovery. For all those difficult to locate files, It has an innovative deep scan style that frees your drives to detect any traces of files you’ve deleted.

Types of Recovery

It may recover images, audio, files, videos, emails or any other document type you have lost. Plus it may recover from any rewriteable websites you’ve: memory cards, external hard drives, USB sticks and much more!


Occasionally you would like a record gone permanently. The program’s secure overwrite feature employs business – and – military-standard deletion methods to ensure that your files remain stolen.

Step-by-step approach and recovery procedure

1. After opening the program, select the drive where the file was deleted then click the “scan” button.


2. Recuva then starts sweeping the specified hard drive looking for files that are able to be restored.


3. You then get a list of all the files that Recuva Filehippo was able to find.  As you can see, some of the files are unidentifiable with just scrambled file names but a lot of other files have their original names intact (more on that later). What I really liked about Recuva is that it has a color-coded system where you can see right away the status of each file and whether or not it is in any condition to be downloaded successfully or not.

Red means the file is basically screwed and you can forget it. Yellow means the file is in very bad condition but you can still download it and take your chances with it – some of it might be salvageable. Green means that the file is in excellent condition and you can get it back no problem.


4. If there are too many files returned to manage or you are looking for a particular file, you can filter the files. Just specify a file type or a file name in the “filename or path” field or drop down the menu to specify a file type.   So for example, by typing in “googleupdate”, I was able to find three particular files.

5. Now say I want to want to recover those 3 files? I just need to tick them and click the “recover” button. Recuva will ask me to specify where on the computer they should go and when I have told it, the files will start downloading. In fact, they are put back on the computer so fast that I didn’t even have time to take a screenshot!

That’s basically all there is to it. Just remember to untick those files in Recuva Filehippo before you close the program because Recuva remembers those files next time and will keep on downloading them over and over again! So untick them once you have recovered them and you’ll be fine.

Recuva offers immediate solutions for file recovery and is one of the best choices in this software category.

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