Samsung Graphic Printer CLP680DW

September 28, 2019 - (Free)
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Samsung CLP-680DW color printer is a laser printer that is designed for small workgroups and businesses. Although, there are a number of laser printers out there in the same market segment, though. So, why should you consider the Samsung CLP680DW over its competitors? While there are many qualities, benefits, and features of the Samsung CLP680DW that you can consider, it is their combination together that sets this printer apart.

Therefore, if you have a diverse set of requirements, then you should definitely consider the Samsung CLP680DW very seriously. For example, how many printers out there can boast of a good graphics print quality along with affordability and flexibility? There aren’t many. let’s have a look at Samsung CLP-680DW color printer functions and features.

samsung CLP-680DW

Samsung CLP680DW color printer – The Brand Power

The reason why we identified the graphics print quality of this printer over others is that the vast majority of its competitors can’t offer the same level of quality. That doesn’t even mean that graphics print quality is the greatest strength of this printer. It just means that it is a quality that is quite rare.

In a way, the feature set of the Samsung CLP-680DW color printer can also be considered to be a great quality. For instance, the Samsung CLP680DW offers automatic duplexing as a standard feature. This is something that, while not rare, isn’t entirely common either.

Good For High Volume Prints

The Samsung CLP680DW can also handle fairly high volume of prints. This is evident in its duty cycle. This printer is formally rated at a monthly duty cycle of 60,000 pages. High volume printing is further supported by the total paper capacity of this printer. In its standard configuration, the Samsung CLP680DW offers a total paper capacity of 300 sheets.

This can be divided into the 50-sheet multipurpose tray and the 250-sheet primary paper tray. However, you can boost this paper capacity by a significant margin if you go for the optional 520-sheet secondary paper tray. Be wary, though. The addition of that extra paper tray will immediately make the Samsung CLP680DW more cumbersome.

The Samsung CLP680DW can also be environment and pocket-friendly. Along with the standard automatic duplexing feature, it offers the one-touch eco mode that will make your printer your best friend. Features focusing on functionality are also a part of this printer’s standard configuration.

The Samsung CLP680DW supports direct USB printing with a USB 2.0 port placed very conveniently in the front panel of the device. Furthermore, there is wireless connectivity on the table as well which makes mobile printing a reality for the owners of this printer. This wireless printing feature may not be available in other variants of this model such as the Samsung CLP680ND.

Grey side of Samsung CLP680DW color printer

The fact that the Samsung CLP680DW can print good quality graphics boosts its overall print quality. Despite that boost, though, the overall print quality of this printer isn’t that far ahead of its competitors. The reason for this is that it doesn’t produce good quality images. In fact, the image printing quality of the Samsung CLP680DW is actually lower than its competitors.

Since text printing quality is mediocre, the overall print quality comes down to average. What you can take away from this is that if you want a printer to print images, then you should shy away from this device.

Additionally, you should know that the Samsung CLP680DW is not going to win any beauty pageants. In fact, its appearance is decidedly below par with the dull and dreary color scheme of grey and black.

The device is also clunky and large which means that you better have some support if you plan on moving it. Specifically, the Samsung CLP680DW measures about 420mm wide, 311.3mm tall and 452.5mm deep. It weighs approximately 20.15 Kg.

The printing speed of the Samsung CLP680DW is nothing to write home about. It is inherently a dent on this printer’s high volume printing claims because average print speeds don’t really support back up such claims. The Samsung CLP680DW is rated at a print speed of 24 pages per minute (ppm) for both colour and monochrome prints.

Finally, you may find the running cost of this printer to be troublesome. While the per-page printing cost of the Samsung CLP680DW isn’t disastrous, it isn’t all that meritorious either. If you use genuine Samsung cartridges, then you’ll probably be printing every page for 26 cents. However, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges tend to be very expensive. So, if you go for generic cartridges, then you stand to save up to 9.64 cents per page because your per-page cost will be to the tune of 16.36 cents only.

Key Features of Samsung CLP680DW

Even though the photo printing quality of the Samsung CLP680DW isn’t good, its maximum resolution is quite decent at 9600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi). With decent print resolutions, the only reason we can figure for poor image quality prints is the print engine and the toner is used. Speaking of the print engine, you can get the first print from this printer within a period of 17 seconds.

samsung CLP-680DW features

With respect to connectivity, apart from the wireless and USB connectivity, there is obviously the option of adding this printer to your network through Ethernet. RAM memory provided is worth 256 MB.

When it comes to controlling this printer physically, you’ll have a control panel on the top that boasts of a four-way controller, an alphanumeric keypad, and a number of individual function buttons such as Eco, Cancel, and Start. Navigating the software options and what the printer is doing at any point in time can be seen on a 2-line, 16 character LCD screen.

Samsung CLP-680DW Driver Downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 10 (32-Bit), Windows 10 (64-Bit), Windows 8.1 (32-Bit), Windows 8.1 (64-Bit), Windows 8 (32-Bit), Windows 8 (64-Bit), Windows 7 (32-Bit), Windows 7 (64-Bit), Windows Vista (32-Bit), Windows Vista (64-Bit)Windows XP (32-Bit), Windows XP (64-Bit)

  • Samsung CLP-680DW Windows Printer Driver Download (48.1 MB)

Operating System(s): Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10

  • Samsung CLP-680DW Mac Printer Driver Download (7.7 MB)

Operating System(s): Linux

  • Samsung CLP-680DW Linux Printer Driver Download (14.6 MB)

This driver works both the Samsung CLP-680DW Series Download.

Overall, Samsung CLP680DW color printer is good choice for a small office where the graphics printing is the main utility.