Windows Password Recovery

January 7, 2021 - Tenorshare (Free)
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Windows Password Recovery Ultimate is a powerful and easy-to-use tool provides a quick and simple method of retrieving and resetting local and domain account lost passwords for both standard users and administrators of a windows computer. It will enable you to reset your windows login passwords on any PC. You can also create a new administrator account easily without any data losing or leak of private data.

windows password recovery tool

The application is useful in cases when you forget your login password, you are locked out, or you don’t have access to system’s password. By using this utility, you will be able to quickly and easily recover your Windows login password. It is ideal for home usage, enterprise or small business. It is easy to understand, offering a set of complete screenshots in order to help you recover your password. There is no need to reformat your hard drive or re-install your system.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista (32/64 bit) and Windows Server 2012 (R2)/ 2008 (R2)/ 2003 (R2)
Processor 800MHZ or above (1GHZ is recommended)
Memory 1 GB RAM
Optical Drive CD-ROM drive, DVD-ROM drive
USB Flash Drive USB flash drive
Storage Space 250 MB free space

Technical Specification

Software Name Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate V
File size 1.5 MB
License Free Trial
Language English
Developer Tenorshare

windows password recovery tool

Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate Features

  • Create CD/DVD disk
  • Create USB flash drive disk
  • Remove local admin password
  • Remove local admin account
  • Reset local admin password
  • Different wizards for beginners and experts: The wizard-like approach this application adopts makes it very easy to use. If you are a beginner and don’t want to deal with complex configuration options, then you should opt for the ‘Quick Recovery’ mode. On the other hand, more experienced users will be happy to know that there is an ‘Advanced Recovery Wizard’ that enables them to choose the Windows edition of the target PC and choose the boot media, with an extra option to create an ISO image alongside bootable media.
  • Boot from the created drive to change your password: It can also recover passwords for SCSI, RAI or IDE hard drives. You are allowed to choose the correct WinPE version for the local disk and add WinPE drivers to help the application recognize the disks. Once the disk or USB drive is ready, you must restart your locked PC and boot from the device. Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate will then allow you to reset passwords, remove admin accounts, or create new accounts for any of the Windows versions you have installed on your computer. Microsoft accounts are also supported.

How Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate Works

Reset Local User’s Password

windows password recovery tool

  • Administrator Account: Reset or remove the Windows administrator password for your local account.
  • Microsoft Account: Change your Microsoft account (Windows Live) password offline with this Tool.
  • Guest Account: Remove or reset Windows local guest password for your user account.

Remove Domain User’s Password

  • Administrator Account: Remove or change domain administrator (Active Directory) and other user passwords.
  • Create Account: Create a new domain admin account if someone hacked your previous one.

4 Professional Password Recovery Solutions

It will automatically display all Windows systems that you have installed in your PC.

  • Remove Password: You will login the computer without a password.
  • Reset/Change Password: Your will login to Windows 7/ 8/ 10 with new password.
  • Create New Local/Admin account: You will enter your computer with a new administrator/local account.
  • Manage All Login Accounts: You can delete all the login accounts, keep you computer only your account.


This tool provides all-in-one solution to recover your system password easily. If you can’t access your account then you can create a new administrator account. Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate makes it easy for you to change the password of your local or domain account in Windows. It comes in handy if you want to prevent unpleasant situations when you lose or forget your Windows password, enabling you to use a simple recovery disk to reset the login key.